Natalia Kills interview

We recently had the opportunity to interview rising star Natalia Kills, queen of the dark-pop genre, and Cherrytree Records artist - The English singer finally released in April 2011 her debut album "Perfectionist", which was previously promoted online with the tasters "Zombie" and "Activate My Heart" and a series of very artistic webisodes. The project's official lead single is the Cherry Cherry Boom Boom-produced "Mirrors", a dark and sexy electro-pop track that despite having had a cold reception in the states, has managed to crack the Top 10 on the German charts (the world's new third largest music market).

So thinking strategically, the CD "Perfectionist" was first released in Germany, with more European releases soon following, before the long-overdue US release occurs. In this new interview with 'Kevipod for Directlyrics', Natalia talks about what "Perfectionist" means to her, the new single "Wonderland", its music video, *the uncensored version is now available in her website*, the upcoming US release, and reveals to us that 'there'll probably be a video for most of the songs in the album.'

1. Congratulations on the new album. How does it feel to finally break into the music scene?

It's great to have a physical copy of everything I've been working on for the last year or 2. Its so funny how everything starts as just an idea and I'm really enjoying making those thoughts into a reality.

2. What's the meaning behind the album title Perfectionist?

I'm a perfectionist. I think we all are to be honest. We're all looking for the best in everything in our lives; dating, career, appearance, money. My album is about the disappointments, frustrations and aspirations that come with looking for the ideal and finding out that nothing is every truly perfect.

3. How did you find the recording process? Especially working with Fernando Garibay, very known these days for his various collaborations with Lady Gaga?

I had been working as a songwriter for a few years before so it was great to finally write my own life experiences and opinions. Fernando and I have one of my favorite songs, Love is a Suicide. It's beautiful.

4. Which tracks are your favourites on Perfectionist?

Probably "If I Was God" and "Break You Hard", but the most recent recording is "Acid Annie", so I'm still stuck on that one right now.

5. The album just came out in Germany. Will a release follow soon in the US? If so, can we expect new tracks in the American edition?

Yes, there will be other songs and differences. Hopefully the album won't be out any later than the end of the summer.

6. The new single in Europe is "Wonderland." What's the real message of the song?

It's the first track on the album, I really wanted to reject the ideologies of perfection and fairytales that we're conditioned to aspire to from a young age. If you believe in the 'happy ending' and count roses while you wait for a prince to save you its only going to leading to extreme disappointment and pain when you get your heart broken and realize life is not always like that.

7. The music video for "Wonderland" recently premiered. Definitely your best visual to date and your acting performance was incredible. Very intense! Are there any anecdotes you could tell us from filming it?

It took almost 4 hours for them to make the decapitated head. I couldn't see or hear for 2 hours and I could hardly breathe through the tiny nose holes- it was the most uncomfortable experience of my life. I'm going to upload a little "the making of" video just to show how complicated that part was!

8. Lastly, how many singles can we expect to come out from "Perfectionist"? Fans have many favourites!

I'm not sure about how many singles but there'll probably be a video for most of the songs.