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Cam's Going At Jay in Next Video.

Cam'ron is going at Jay-Z again in his next video for Lick It Or Not/Wet Wipes, using comedian Jimmie "J.J." Walker as a Jay-Z lookalike.

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On Cam’ron’s Jay-Z diss track "You Gotta Love It" he says he is prepared for fifteen rounds. Although Jay has yet to retaliate, at least not on wax, the Dipset front man continues to jab two months after the diss. He recently cast Jimmie "J.J." Walker to impersonate the president of Def Jam in his split video "Lick It or Not"/ "Wet Wipes," shot in New York last week.

"Cam'ron took some girls from me [in the video]," said Walker about the slant of the video. Wearing a gold Roc-A-Fella chain, buttoned down shirt and New York Yankees fitted hat "J.J.’s" character is basically punked by Cam’ron’s crew in a waffle house during "Wet Wipes" and pictured stepping out of a Maybach adorned in sandals and jeans, a fashion don’t according to Cam, in another shot. "I did my thing and everyone seemed to be happy with it," said Walker.

Apparently his character was outmatched in the waffle house scene. "I didn't have a posse so his posse out-dueled my posse, but that's it,"he said. BET last week aired Beyond Beef, an interview with Jay-Z and Nas, during which Jay reiterates his opinion that Cam's "You Gotta Love It" is "trash." Nas questioned the nerve of artists who diss for attention. Jimmie "J.J." Walker is famous for his role as ridiculous yet artistic "J.J." on the seventies black sitcom "Good Times." Since then he has landed small roles in several films and worked as a stand up comedian.

Cam’ron’s feature film Killa Season will be in stores April 25th and his album of the same name is scheduled for a May 9th release.

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