'Vampire Diaries' Spoilers: Tyler's Return and the Full Moon

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The Vampire Diaries is nearing the end of its second season, and with that end, death is coming to Mystic Falls. What should fans expect in the final 3 episodes this season?


'The Last Day'

This is the episode airing on April 28, showing "the hours leading up to the full moon." Things get worse between Damon and Stefan, who still have conflicting views on what they need to do to make sure Elena doesn't die. It is also the episode that features Tyler making his way back to Mystic Falls when he gets "a disturbing phone call." Who could be calling Tyler? Could it involve his mother? Could Matt be calling him back now that he knows what he is? How much longer can Matt keep it a secret from Caroline that he and her mother know everything?

'The Sun Also Rises'

The episode airing on May 5 "picks up as day turns to night and, with the exception of the very end, takes place entirely on the evening of the full moon." This sounds like it's the big episode that will have some death, as according to Julie Plec, "The loss of life is significant and very, very, very tragic. The fallout of it is really painful for a lot of characters. [The title of the episode is] really meant to say that our characters, at the end of this very, very long night, need to find some glimmer of hope when morning comes because what they go through is really profoundly life-alteringly horrible for them." Uh-oh, it sounds like some fans may have to say goodbye to their favorite characters. Could Tyler be returning to Mystic Falls only to end up one of those fatalities? What will happen to Alaric once Klaus is no longer using his body? Fans thought that they lost Bonnie in "The Last Dance" unfortunately, it was just a trick. Could she still end up one of the deaths?

'As I Lay Dying'

The spoilers for the season finale don't reveal anything about who could be dying, as only Damon and Elena are mentioned. However, before this episode, something will have happened that Damon wants Elena to forgive him for; could one of the deaths be involved? During the season finale, "A Gone With the Wind movie night [is going on] in the town square," and according to Plec, "Damon…starts to relive moments from past mistakes made with Katherine back in 1864. As it always true with these events in Mystic Falls, things go horribly awry." Julie Plec also said, "The sacrifice ritual gets us to that ending [of the story this season], but there's still more story to tell. If the sacrifice is the mythology resolution, the finale is the emotional resolution." It's hard to imagine a season 3 without any of the series regulars of The Vampire Diaries, but fans are going to have to. Which character would you miss the most (not counting Elena, Stefan, or Damon)?

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I'm excited Tyler's coming back, but I hope the phone call he gets isn't about Caroline.