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Movie legend Sir Anthony Hopkins has criticised film bosses for making "condescending" films "Audiences aren't so mindless as movie-makers think", he told the Radio Times magazine.

The Hollywood star's latest film, The World's Fastest Indian, is a true story about a New Zealander motorcyclist who broke the land speed record.

Sir Anthony said of the movie: "No sex or violence, and that's refreshing. I'm also tired of the camera moving all over the place, with car chases so cut and edited you don't know what's happening. It's condescending. Audiences aren't so mindless as movie-makers think."

He added: "If you look at The Shining or Fargo, they photograph it and let actors tell a story. That's the old-fashioned way. I hope it comes back."

The Silence of the Lambs star added that he would not put up with "tyrannical" directors any longer, adding: "I don't take this acting business seriously ... I enjoy acting more now than ever because I treat it as an enjoyable hobby.

"I can't get caught up in the self-importance. People bow to your every wish and you forget where you come from and what you're doing," he told the magazine.

"I recently worked with two actors who wouldn't come out of their trailers for some reason. Can you figure that out? It's insanity. Or they complain because their trailers aren't big enough. Bulls***. It's a job, like any other, so don't make a big deal. Be polite, treat the crew with respect and don't think you're different.

"I've worked with directors who are tyrannical and sadistic - but no longer. I'd rather do something else."

Sir Anthony, who became a US citizen in 2000, said he would never make a stage comeback. He said: "I won't return to theatre work. It's monotonous, too much like being in prison, standing on stage in tights.

"I admire actors who can do it, and I'm sure they have a great life, but I can't stay in any one place for too long, or settle into that grey, sombre atmosphere of the Waterloo Road on a wet Wednesday afternoon. There's something so depressing looming across the muddy Thames from that concrete breeze block, with the smell of stale coffee, and thinking, 'Oh, God I have to do another matinee', and the luvvies and the darlings.

"They're all right, but I have better interests than sitting in Le Caprice talking about the problems of being an actor."


Gee, I wonder who he could be reffering to? Here is a list of recent films he's worked on at IMDB. There are so many possibilities!

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