What ever happened to those other people from Laguna Beach?

We all know what happened to Lauren (building a media empire), Stephen (One Tree Hill), Kristin (sucking off Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler), Jason (prison and Celebrity Rehab), and Lo (still riding Lauren's coattails). But what about the ones they left behind to wade the sea of obscurity?

Surprisingly no one died or got fat.

Season 1 Cast

Morgan Olson- She was the fat brunette virgin in a sea of indistinguishable bleach-blonde ho's. well now she's skinny, married to a hottie, and her name is Morgan Smith. She graduated from Brigham Young in 2008 BA, Journalism and Humanities emphasis in English. She is currently employed in Special Events/Public Relationsat Guess? Inc in LA.

Christina Schuller- Morgan’s BFF. She was the cross-eyed bitch who didn't invite Lauren and Lo to her BD party which resulted her awkwardly facing Lo's passive-aggressive interrogation at that nail salon. She also had that god-awful Broadway audition with her ear-bleeding rendition of some song I don’t want to remember. Her family owned the Crystal Cathedral which became embroiled in financial trouble. Her father left the ministry with debts exceeding 55 million. At the conclusion of Laguna Christina mentioned moving to LA, getting an agent and becoming an actress. Instead Christina studied Drama at USC and faded into obscurity. Her biggest role to date has as the bridesmaid in formerly fat Morgan's wedding (she’s the tall brunette in the above pics). I couldn’t find any info about where she works now. I assume she may still be trying to act bless her heart.

Christina is the tall brunette on the left at Morgan’s wedding.

Trey Phillips- The real hottie of Laguna IMO (fuck Stephen). I remember thinking this was the guy Lauren should have been chasing. Remember how she helped him with his fashion show with the really ugly hats and shirts and also forced a reluctant Lo to drop in at his coffee-house charity event? Anyways Trey is the co-founder of some strange art project called Citylove. According to his bio he recently finished a dual degree in alternative energy in the interdisciplinary science department of Eugene Lang and Fashion Design in Parsons school for Design. He is currently developing a new fashion line integrating robotics with textiles as well as pursuing new social fashion experiments."

Lauren and Trey reunite in NYC this past winter.

Dieter Smitz (not pictured in the cast photo) If you don’t remember Dieter you at the very least remember his eyebrows. He was Lauren's loyal buddy. Remember how he came to her rescue when Jason cheated on her with Jessica at that fashion show in season 2? Dieter studied hotel management at the University of Sand Diego. He’s currently the Assistant Front Office Manager at InterContinental Hotels Group. He's still good friends with Lauren, Stephen and Trey Phillips.

Season 2

Jessica Smith- Who could forget the trainwreck JESS-cah with her constant pining and whining over Jason Whaler? She was the real star of Season 2. After Laguna she got arrested for DUI. She pulled herself together and got married in 2009 to Michael Evans. They didn't waste a whole lot of time and they now have a baby son who was born in 2010. I don’t have a clue what she does professionally.

Talan Torriero- He took over Stephen’s position in Kristin’s pants on season 2. After Laguna he dated Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger for a couple of years (not joking). He attempted an acting career. Now he has launched a business venture.

Recently launching Cyberinterns.com, Torriero hopes to create a place where employers can post positions that will benefit students and job seekers in building their resume without having to move to larger cities.
“In the last four years, I have had the opportunity to intern at some pretty incredible places, from Warner Bros. Records to Akiva Goldsman‘s production company. After that, I got the social media bug and decided to switch gears career-wise. I enrolled online at the University of San Francisco and got an internship at Lunch.com.


Taylor Cole She was Kristin’s level-headed rival and best friend of brunette Alex Murrel. Taylor graduated from The University of Arizona with a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She is currently a marketing coordinator for Incipio Technologies in Orange County CA.The company apparently makes accessories for iPhones, blackberries and shit.
Taylor hasn’t changed much.

Her she is in a facebook pic with her boyfriend.

Alex Murrel She was the tall brunette who threatened to beat Jessica’s ass over Jason and made Jessica call herself a slut. She and Taylor were BFFs. Alex M was a budding singer with modest talent. After Laguna she attempted a singing career. At one point she was signed with Warner Bros. Alex's song "Let It Come True" was featured in the 2009 movie American High School". Her most notable achievement seems to have been having a drug lord boyfriend. According to TMZ

Feds and local police raided the house Alex rents in Orange County last week and arrested a man identified as her boyfriend for felony possession of cocaine with intent to sell. Law enforcement sources tell us they found the cocaine "packaged for sale." Murrel herself was not charged, but she was interviewed as a witness.

Not sure what she’s up to now but she’s still friends with Taylor as this facebook pic from this year indicates.

Don't you feel complete now knowing that they're all okay?

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