Yet another story full of BS from In Touch about poor Tony Lovato...oh and some girl from Teen Mom

Farrah has always had a weakness for dangerous men—but her latest boyfriend might be the most dangerous of all!

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham seems to be attracted to bad boys. And we heard a while ago that she was dating tattooed rocker Tony Lovato, who was arrested and held on $1 million bail in 2007 after stabbing his then-girlfriend’s ex to death (he later successfully argued that he acted in self-defense). Tony denied that he and Farrah were together, but according to a new report, Farrah, 19, is hooking up with the violent musician! According to In Touch, Farrah, the mom of 2-year-old Sophia, is “turned on by Tony’s wild ways.” Yikes!

“She doesn’t mind Tony’s shady past,” a friend of Farrah’s tells In Touch this week. “She likes a guy with an edge.” Let’s just hope this guy keeps his “edge” away from little Sophia!

Tony's response to all this:


Tony's Tweet

In Touch is so stupid. According to Tony last year, he had a twitter convo with her a few times, but never met her. I believe that. I also wish they'd stop labeling him a crazy killer, because he was acting in self-defense. I got to meet him earlier this year and he's such a sweet guy, it pisses me off that they keep posting these bullshit stories about him.

[Edit: He's in the band MEST and Kisses For Kings.]