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jessica simpson is paranoid (and annoying). and some stuff on syriana and scarjo

Ah, the creative process
Movie-goers aren’t the only ones who found “Syriana” flawed. The director did too.

Director Stephen Gaghan complained that executive director Steven Soderbergh “ruined” the film but cutting it by 24 minutes. “I wanted two hours 24 minutes. But Steven insisted on two hours,” Gaghan told The Financial Times of London. “I think he was dead wrong and he ruined my movie.” Did you quarrel, the Times asked? “Yes,” Gaghan replied. “Terminally.”

Gaghan also says that folks at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, were not fans of the film. “They walked out after 10 minutes. Just walked out,” he said. “That’s the problem with American government right now. They don’t want to know. They have a vision of the world, and it has to be right. They won’t hear any criticism or make any adjustment. It’s all top-down intelligence. That’s why we’re in the deep [bleep] we’re in.”

Notes from all over
The gown that Scarlett Johansson had planned to wear to the British premiere of “Match Point” was confiscated by customs. “There must be some illegal substance there,” she later quipped on the red carpet. ... PETA says that after it threatening to campaign against “Manolette,” filmmakers are promising not to use real bulls in the bullfighting segments of the Penelope Cruz-Adrian Brody flick. ... Meg Ryan, who has complained about the downside of fame, asked Oprah Winfrey if she’s ever “bitter” about her fame. “Oh, hell, no,” Winfrey replied. “No?” asked Ryan. “Oh, absolutely not. Do you know, that would be absolutely impossible for me, because I was born a colored girl. I was born at a time in 1954 where to be colored in Mississippi was like against the law. And to have come from where I have come from to now be embittered because lots of people know you or like you, I would have to be totally, completely stupid.”


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