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Arctic Monkeys film gets release date

Arctic Monkeys' first film has been given a release date and is set to hit the shops next month.

Inspired by the band's song 'When The Sun Goes Down', the DVD will feature two short films - 'Scummy Man' and 'Just Another Day' - telling the story of Nina and what happens in her day to day life.

Filmed on location in Sheffield, Stephen Graham plays the 'Scummy Man', with Lauren Socha taking on the role of Nina.

According to the group's official website www.arcticmonkeys.com, the shorts were written and directed by Paul Fraser, who has previously co-written the award winning film 'Twentyfourseven'.

The Arctic Monkeys film will be released on DVD on April 10, and will also feature the music promo for 'When The Sun Goes Down'.

source: NME.com

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