Maude Flanders (kiwitanga) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Maude Flanders

Lindsay Lohan mistaken for Lady Gaga at airport

She won't be using the 'Don't you know who I am?' line anytime soon.

Lindsay Lohan was given a harsh dose of reality by a confused airline employee yesterday, when they confused her with another (more current) celebrity.

The once celebrated actress, now more famous for her court appearances than anything else, was mistaken for none other than Lady Gaga at JFK airport in New York

Despite the case of mistaken identity perhaps acting as an indicator of Linday's fall from grace, the 24-year-old saw the funny side.

She tweeted about the incident afterwards, writing: 'What does it mean when an #americanairlines employee says "ah! lady gaga!" to me #jfk airport!!? should I of bursted into Born This Way?' (sic)

Lindsay couldn't have looked less like the singer in her chic travelling clothes - she wore skinny jeans, heels, a white blazer and orange scarf to match her Hermes Birkin bag.


Perhaps her incognito approach in a hat and sunglasses helped to confuse the American Airlines employee, and she can take comfort in that at least they knew she was some sort of celebrity.

Tags: lady gaga, lindsay lohan
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