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Family drama on Smallville

Getting engaged is a big deal — even for the Man of Steel. And so, on the May 6 episode of Smallville, Clark Kent (Tom Welling) takes his new fiancée, Lois Lane (Erica Durance), to the Fortress of Solitude in order to break the news of his impending nuptials to his biological father, Jor-El, the tough-loving Kryptonian. ''It's a very sweet, romantic scene that has a little surprise in it,'' teases exec producer Brian Peterson. When Jor-El sets out to teach the pair a lesson, Lois and Clark ''find themselves kind of living a day in each other's shoes.'' As the show nears the end of its 10-season run, Peterson notes, ''it should leave people very excited about our [May 13] finale.''

Smallville: What to Expect from the Final Episodes

Next week, Smallville returns with the first of the very last episodes of the show, culminating in the two-hour series finale on May 13th. With production wrapped on the series, I spoke to Executive Producer Kelly Souders, who has served as showrunner on Smallville, alongside Brian Peterson, for the last few seasons. Souders discussed what's to come in the final episodes, including the return of Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort) and Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), the introduction of Booster Gold and more.

IGN TV: You wrapped production on Smallville a couple of weeks ago. You'd had a lot of time to think about this finale. For the most part, did it stay as you intended, or were there some changes along the way?

Kelly Souders:
For the most part, it did [stay the same]. In fact, I would say any real changes really were positive ones. Some of the cast wasn't locked in until pretty late in the game, so I think those were sort of the last changes. But like I said, they were all good changes!

IGN: Obviously the fans were incredibly relieved to learn Michael Rosenbaum definitely would be back.

As were we! I was very happy when that phone call came through.

IGN: Fans are very curious to see Lex's return and what he and Clark's relationship is like when he does.

Really, the focus has been about how these two guys have impacted each other's lives. And I think, starting in the pilot, realizing how it was always just such a twist on the way we always imagined them, as mortal enemies. And in fact, they showed up in the pilot as something quite different. I think in the finale, what our goal was, is obviously we're launching them towards the future, where they are going to be mortal enemies. But what we didn't want, was to make their last interaction something that was just a catfight between them. So we go one step further I think, in showing how they will impact each other, in making the greatest hero and the greatest enemy we'll ever know.

IGN: I'm a big Tess fan and I'm fascinated to see her and Lex onscreen together. Might it be interesting to see her interact with the man she now knows is her brother?

: Yes… I won't say anything else! [Laughs] That would be very fun to see. I'll just say that!

IGN: Suffice to say, Lionel Luther potentially working with Darkseid isn't a good thing?

Lionel is really going to be… He's just a bad seed, let's face it. Let's try not to be in denial anymore. It's been ten years. Plus, it's not quite the Lionel that we knew at the beginning of the series. This is the twisted Lionel from the other world. But when he interacts with anybody, it's just always bad news, and delicious at the same time.

IGN: We know that there's an episode coming up where Lois gets Clark's powers for a day. How might that affect her understanding of the man she's about to marry?

It gives her a lot of insight into him and she has a lot more compassion, I think. It's very difficult to really have a sense as to what Clark Kent's real inner world is like every day, day and day out. So some of the things she learns are really hard. They're really hard for her to accept and be forced to see.

IGN: This has been a big season for Lois and Clark, with a lot of huge, life-changes occuring rather quickly. Has it been fun for you to bring them through all of these milestone moments?

Yeah! When you're going into a final season, it just helps to know that you can't blow your wad through the season and then at the end of it go, "Oh, god, we've got to come up with a whole other season!" So it allowed us to just sort of do everything that we wanted to do.

IGN: It was really interesting to have Chloe and Oliver get married. I know that when you do big moves like that, you probably have to consult with DC Comics. Were they onboard completely for that?

Souders: Yeah. We work with DC very closely and I think for us, we all kind of know that Smallville is its own world. What's most important is that it kind of links up a bit more at the end of the day. But DC has been very wonderful at just sort of saying, "Do what's creative and what you feel like works best for the show." And then if there's anything that really crosses lines, then we sit down and discuss it.

IGN: We'll see Oliver back sooner than Chloe. Will she be involved in what's going on with him and the resolution involving him having the omega symbol?

Souders: Yes. And we'll just say that Chloe knows Oliver better than anybody on the show. She's got to end up with a keen eye on him.


Source: Newsarama Entertainment Weekly
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