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Five Reasons to Watch Nikita's "Into The Dark"

I really enjoyed last week’s new episode of Nikita and while it while it wasn’t a huge game-changer, it gave us a fairly novel situation to contend with: Nikita and Michael on the same side.

And in the same bed.

Which is where the April 14 episode picks up: with the new couple in bed together.

Until they’re interrupted by the return of Owen, who announces that he’s tracked down the location of the next black box and wants Nikita to travel to London with him. Naturally, Owen and Michael are deeply suspicious of each other, but Nikita asks Michael to return to Division to information to aid them, and she and Owen head off to merry old England.

While there, we’re quickly introduced to one of the main problems in this episode: Owen is rapidly running out of a group of pills he calls his “regimen”, which all guardians are apparently on, that makes them into tougher fighters. His withdrawal heightens his desire to redeem himself for the sins he committed while working for Division, which means he wants to release the information on the black boxes and expose Percy, not destroy them as Nikita wants.

Alex, meanwhile, has another confrontation with Amanda, who is chilling as always. After being forced to debrief Jaden after a botched mission, Amanda again confronts Alex about her suspicious actions and hooks her up to an FMRI to see if she’s telling the truth.

Here’s 5 reasons you don’t want to miss this episode:

(1) Alex versus Amanda

While Alex has cowered under Amanda’s focused attention before, her frustration and subsequent refusal to give in and admit any wrongdoing was a welcome change in this episode. The tension between these two characters during their conversations and the FMRI questioning was awesome. Melinda Clarke is an absolute gem at playing a cold and terrifying Amanda and I loved that she and Alex were pitted against each other again, this time without any hallucinogenic drugs and daydreams between them.

(2) The Action Scenes

Devon Sawa kicks ass as Owen this episode and pulls out a few moves worthy of any good action movie (including a human shield move that was very cool). This show is never really short on fight scenes or shoot-outs, but this episode took them to a whole new level.

(3) Mikita Moves Forward

I wasn’t a shipper of anyone on this show, but I like the idea of these two together. First off, they’re both hot, so it makes sense. It also makes Michael a more relatable person and stops him from growling constantly. I suppose my only problem is that it also makes the characters a bit cutesy and less kick-ass in this episode at times, but I suspect it will even out after a while.

(4) Owen’s Storyline

I like the addition of Devon Sawa to this show. Like I said, he’s no slouch in the action department and I like how a lot of this episode focuses a lot on him, his quest for redemption, and his withdrawal, as well as telling us more about “cleaners” and “guardians” for Division. There’s also this hilarious exchange between him and Nikita about the size of Michael’s...ahem, package.

(5) Curveballs Keep Coming

The thing I like about Nikita is that it isn’t afraid to change things up only half-way through the first season. The fact that Michael and Nikita hooked up (and continue to be in a quasi-relationship throughout this episode) means that they didn’t drag out the attraction between the main characters. It also gives Nikita a huge advantage in her fight against Division. But it also presents a problem going forward. The question is really how long this can last. The two of them are plotting to take down Division now, but what happens next? Will Michael leave Division and join Nikita permanently? Or will he be forced to choose, despite how much he wants revenge against Percy? I honestly can’t predict right now what the next step is in the Mikita saga or the plot against Division, and I kind of like that fact.

Make sure to tune into a brand new episode of Nikita on Thursday, April 14!


sounds like an awesome episode. tyfyt.
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