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Tayluscious Swiftriumphant Post!

Taylor Swift Looking Back & Forward When It Comes to Touring

Last week, Taylor Swift wrapped up the overseas leg of her Speak Now tour, which took her across Asia and Europe -- and the experience was unforgettable.

"To see people in countries where they don't speak English singing the words back perfectly in English is just really gratifying as a songwriter. There have been so many things to look back on and so many things to look forward to."

What she's looking forward to, of course, is launching the North American leg of the tour with a two-night stand in Omaha, Nebraska starting May 27th.

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Taylor Swift Covers Mumford & Sons

In other Taylor news, a video of her covering the song "White Blank Page," by Grammy-nominated British folk group Mumford & Sons, has now hit the Web. She performed the cover for BBC Radio One's "Live Lounge," where artists are invited to perform contemporary songs by other musicians they admire.

AMAZING. So inspiring and it's so generous of her to cover a song by a lesser known band so they gain more exposure. ♥ She also sounds INCREDIBLE so haters shut up.
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