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Misfits Season 3 Will Premiere w/ Online Short

Ok Misfits lovelies, we're three weeks away from filming, and we've got some news on series 3...

Who said less is more? An idiot, that's who - that's why there'll be eight whole episodes when the show returns this autumn.

We also know that Seth, that nasty piece of power-dealing work will be back. That means our heroes will all have a new power or two - but what they are we do not know (although, as ever, we'd love to hear your guesses).

But sadly, we say bye-bye to Robbie S this series. Yes we know what you’re thinking but fear not - here's what Executive Producer, Petra Fried, had to say:

"We are all sad to say goodbye to Robbie Sheehan – he has been brilliant as Nathan. Luckily for us, all of Nathan’s filthy lines were written by (creator and writer) Howard Overman, and there’s loads more where they came from – we call it the Overman dirt bank."

And an exit as big as Nathan's (ahem) needs to be pretty special right? Right? That’s why it’s happening right here, online, on your very own Howard is working on an exclusive online short that you’ll be able to get ahead of series 3 – details are still pretty hush hush but we do know one thing. IT’S IN VEGAS BABY! Knowing Nathan there’ll be more tripling than doubling down and more crabs than craps…

The online short will also introduce Rudy, a character joining the remaining Asbo 4. In Petra’s words, "Rudy is another classic Overman creation." Cannot wait to meet him, then.

Howard Overman says "It’s great to be launching the third series of Misfits with an online film which introduces our new character Rudy, as well as saying goodbye to Nathan."

Rumours that this lovely looking guy is the aforementioned Rudy are being strongly, strongly denied...

<3 Iwan.  DNW that Oompa Loompa Chav tan on Lauren though.  Does this mean they're really filming in Vegas?  *wants to fan stalk*

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