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Doctor Who series 6 mega post!

Well someone needed to be unlazy and make one. Le sigh, I guess it's me.

Prequel to S06E01/S06E02 "The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon"

SFX MAgazine June 2011

Promos and stuff

Spring Series/Season Episode Titles

1) The Impossible Astronaut 2) Day of the Moon (2parts)
3)The Curse of the Black Spot
4) The Doctor's Wife
5) The Rebel Flesh 6) The Almost People (2parts)
7) A Good Man Goes to War (part 1 of 2, to be concluded in the fall series/season)

Interview with Steven Moffat from DWM #433

[On River Song]
"Well, an installment is revealed," says Steven. "There are a fair number of layers to this."

DWM: Does he reckon the reveal can be kept secret until transmission?

Moff: It's pushing it. I hope so. It's nonsense to think that you can really, perfectly keep a secret when you mass distribute, to relative strangers, copies of the script, and then have them perform it loudly in public, but you've just got to tell the story. You can't contort your story out of shape in order to, say, never be outside during scenes that impart critical information. You're down to goodwill, because those scripts will lie in the backs of cars, or I will leave them on the train.

It's a miracle that any of it remains secret. If I could get away with it, I'd tell nobody anything. I'd make this show on the dark side of the moon, and only deliver it the night before transmission. Seriously I would.

DWM: What does the unmasking of River - played by Alex Kingston since 2008 two-parter Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead - mean for the character?

Moff: A lot. Well, no, she already knows who she is. It's not going to change her a lot. But the balance of her relationship with the Doctor is constantly changing, because each time he knows her a bit better and she knows him a bit less, so they're heading towards equilibrium. To be honest, I don't think the whole 'who is she?' question is the most interesting thing about her; I think it's the ultimate no-win, tragic love story. She dies when he first meets her, and now he gets to know her and sort of fall for her a bit. That's the fun part to write.

What's more she's a brilliant way into a story. She can just erupt into the Doctor's life, and cause absolute screaming havoc which may continue or may not depending on who she is. But I like the fact there's someone out there who can yank his chain. The main thing that he finds sexy, I suppose, is someone who can put him in trouble, because he loves trouble. He thinks, "River has turned up, it's going to be bad - hooray! And I thought it was going to be a boring day."

DWM:Is she the character that Steven enjoys writing the most? It seems that way sometimes, reading the scripts.

Moff:They're kind of all fun in their different ways. The Doctor is brilliant fun to write, but he's exhausting, because you're constantly trying to write somebody who's got an extraordinary mind, when you've only got an ordinary one. I have to do that with Sherlock Holmes as well. I love writing River because she's cheeky, but it's all about the Doctor in a way.

It's who the various people he meets force him to be. He's confused dad with Amy. He's slightly combative, but trying to be fatherly with Rory. With River, the only person who knows more than he does, he's just a little bit annoyed, but at the same time thinking, she is so cool. Plus, she's bad. She's not a completely good person, like him. She's deeply naughty, which he never is.

The nice thing about River's interaction with him is, it brings out that part of him that you sort of forget about: he's a little bit straight-laced. Which Captain Jack does, also. When Jack first turned up, you'd got used to the idea that the Doctor and Rose are these really naughty time-travellers.... then Jack arrives, and suddenly they both look a bit prissy."

DWM: Would you ever bring back Jack?

Moff: I mean, yes. Absolutely. But he's kind of busy. I love Jack, and I only ever got to write him once.

DWM:You could pair him up with River.

Moff: I had that in my head. It was the vaguest idea for, I think one of my budget episodes. Some occasion where loads of people that the Doctor knew were all in one room, and I was contemplating a party scene that involved River and the Doctor's daughter, Jenny. You have Jack sashaying up to the Doctor's daughter and saying, "Hey, who are you?' She leans over and whispers, and he just goes, 'Oh! What, really? Oka-aay.' And then he goes over to River and says, 'So who are you?' And she tells him, and he goes, 'What the - ?! It'd be so funny.
(ngl I'd love this)

DWM: I wonder how having a married couple aboard the TARDIS alters the stories' dynamic? You pretty much wrote them out of A Christmas Carol altogether. Didn't Karen & Arthur mind?

Moff: When I did that, I did write to Arthur and Karen saying 'Don't be alarmed, this is not a portent of the future,' but they weren't bothered. They're on nightmare schedules, so they're quite relieved if they get a slightly lighter episode. It's Matt for whom it never ends. All that dialogue to learn. He never gets such a letter.

I suppose what I'm interested in - and it's developed organically from Amy's particular situation, of him always being late - is that the Doctor has sort of hung around in her life for far too long. He never says it out loud, but he obviously has an MO. 'I'll get out before I screw up their chances of happiness. I'll run away, and let them grow up. I'll go and find somebody else to mess about with.' But he's accidentally ended up with a married couple in the TARDIS, because he ran away with Amy on the night of her wedding, and now he's in the most dreadful pickle."

"It's quite nice to force him to live through their lives a bit. He'll grow to realize that he sort of can't leave. He was meant to be the last crush before the serious relationship. The last fling. You know he's the stripper at the stag. He's not meant to be there for any length of time.... but damn it, he can't help it now. He's stitched into that family in the most overt way."

But most of the fun, says Steven, is writing the foursome. "That's the Doctor, River, Rory and Amy. They're all so distinct. You've got this quasi family unit going on, which is all back-to-front and stupid. You've got Mum and Dad, and the kids. I loved writing those scenes in the opening two-parter with the four of them...."

Karen Gillan is to be a guest on the The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on April 13., the ticketing website for the show has listed Gillan as a guest alongside actress Diane Lane. You can register for free tickets from the iota website. Filming will take place in Los Angeles, California at 4:30 PM PT.

Craig Ferguson has previously had Alex Kingston (River Song) and Matt Smith on his show. Smith appeared in a special show dedicated to Doctor Who while he was in the US filming for The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon. The cast of Doctor Who will again be touring the US the promote the new series of the show. Events that have already been confirmed are: the cast signing at Barnes & Noble on April 8 and the BBC America premiere screening on April 11. Both of these events are in New York City.

Doctor Who panel at Wondercon 2011 with Neil Gaiman, Mark Sheppard, Chris Hardwick! They talk about the upcoming season, and past episodes. Includes entire panel.

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