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it's j. pedo, ya'll.

Some Jared Leto for all of the lovely people in ohnotheydidnt today. ;D

Fiiirst, here's Jared leaving a Pre-Oscar party in Beverly Hills on March 3:

Check out the belly on him! He's currently on a fast in order to lose weight for 30 Seconds to Mars' first headlining tour "Forever Night Never Day", which begins on Tuesday. He hasn't had anything but lemon water since February 23 and has lost 12 pounds, according to him. Only 50 more to go! [I guess I should note that YES, I realize Jared put on this weight to play Mark David Chapman. I give him props for doing so, just like I gave him props for losing 25 pounds to play Harry Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream. Still doesn't change the fact that it's not everyday you see an overweight Jared.]

And somewhathilarious outtakes from the Strut magazine photoshoot he did in November:

+18Collapse )

Some of those, I will admit, are pretty good pictures. The others make me question the poor man's mental state. o__O


EDIT: In regards to this lemon water diet thing, apparently it's some sort of cleansing diet. Here's a story I found:
"Enjoying the day off, I joined my good friend Petrit for brunch at Balthazar. After not too much of a wait, we scored a table adjacent to the corner table by the bar. Engrossed in conversation we barely noticed the guy who sat next to us in the corner. A little chubby, he was dining alone, took the seat facing the wall and kept his hat on with the brim pulled over his eyes. Hung over maybe? He had ordered waffles as well as fried eggs with French fries, but that wasn’t odd…what was odd was that he was reading “the Master Cleanser.” (a cleansing program as reading material to go with your double entrée?) “Hey,” I asked him, “is that the program where you drink nothing but water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for a week?” He barely glanced up at me, “I don’t know, I just started reading it, someone gave it to me.” He then lowered his head re-adjusted his hat and continued with his reading and his food. Probably some D list celeb—eating like that, he’ll need a good cleanse. Hat boy finished his waffles and his eggs, we finished Brunch and asked for the check at about the same time he did. I noticed he was almost through with the book. “So is it the program with the lemon juice and the maple syrup?” He purposely ignored me, so I asked again, and once more he ignored me. Petrit nudged him, “she’s asking you something” I repeated my question. “I don’t know.” He answered. “Well it looks like you’re midway through the book, when do they tell you what you get to eat?” He ignored me one last time and looked around for the waiter. It was then I noticed who it was. Jared Leto. I couldn’t help but laugh. "

And in all honesty, I like him heavier, and cannot wait to see 30 Seconds to Mars on March 16th and give him a big ol' hug. :]

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