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Wynter Gordon releases "Till Death"

“Surveillance” flop turned successful dance diva Wynter Gordon is ensuring that she moves past her “Dirty Talk” one-hit-wonder status with the release of her new single “Til Death”.

If you’re yet to hear the song, then honey, get outcha weave glue, because it’s a real corker.

Wynnie is no longer relying on raunchy tactics for attention, with “Til Death” being about nothing more than loving music and partying the night away — and really, what more do you want from a club single? The chorus is a truly explosive ‘get your glow sticks out and wave ‘em in the air’ moment, and Wynter sounds more in charge and confident than ever before. The Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi compilations are probably setting aside a free slot for “Til Death” as we speak.

Now, keep in mind that this version of the song is the Denzal Park radio edit, which is exclusively for Australia. Wynter’s a multi-platinum chart-topper down under, so it’s cool that she’s dropped a locally produced version of the song for the dance-friendly Aussies. The original version, produced by DJ Tom Neville, will serve as the official US edit.

“Til Death” is already on high rotation on Australian radio, and it’s due to hit Aussie iTunes this Friday.

This song has permanently damaged my nonexistent pussy. Wish it was a little big longer though
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