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Scream 4 Post? HELL YEAH!

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2 New Clips

Now if you've seen the trailers and already know how these films work then they're not spoilerish, however, if you're trying to maintain the mystery and excitement then stir clear.

It's All Under Control

Okay, I know this is their fourth time going through this but Dewey and Gale seem way to nonchalant about what just happened...maybe it's just me.

Should've Seen the Look on Your Face

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Williamson's Original Scream 3 Opening...

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In the upcoming Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Documentary, unprecedented light will be shed on the Frankensteinian creation of Scream 3. Director Ryan Turek has used his website Shock Till You Drop as a venue to release a short clip that goes a long way.

Scream 1-3 Editor Patrick Lussier explains “It wasnt so much about multiple endings in Scream 3 as it was multiple beginnings. There were so many variations on the opening sequence.”

He also included this opening scene in an early draft of Scream 4 but Bob Weinstein wanted it changed.

A little comment from Craven about Scream 3....

“Oh, [Scream 3] was a nightmare. Kevin wasn’t available and Ehren, bless his heart, and I and another writer worked on that script all through production. I went back and watched all three films and I had a lot of fun with all of them. That last one was more towards Scooby-Doo and less Scream.”


And Just to Add More to the Post...

Wes Craven announced a “Make Your Own SCREAM 4 Poster Contest” a week or so ago. The top 10 poster designers won a signed SCREAM 4 poster and the Grand Prize Winners will be invited to join Craven at the Los Angeles Premiere of SCREAM 4 on Monday, April 11th 2011. Here are the winners...

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Guess what...this time next week I will have thoroughly enjoyed Scream 4
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