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Michael Jackson 'most popular artist of digital age'

He’s one of the most popular entertainers of all time, he's responsible for the most expensive music video ever made, and his music is among the fastest-selling of all time; and it doesn’t look like the late great Michael Jackson’s popularity is waning anytime soon, with the news that the entertainer has emerged as the most popular artist of the digital age.

According to data gathered from Gracenote, the late King of Pop is the most looked-up artist on their database -- and he's managed to knock Bob Marley and Tupac Shakur into second and third place respectively.

Music Week reports that Gracenote's metadata is used to compile artist, album, song title and artwork searches across numerous services such as iTunes and Google -- and Jackson remains the most searched-for artist almost two years after his death.

Gracenote added that The Beatles ranked highly in Europe and North America but failed to reach the same search levels in areas beyond those territories.


Get it, MJ~
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