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Real Housewives of NYC S4 Ep 1 Photo Recap

 The Finest Cast of the Real Housewives came back in top form!

Check out the Photo Recap under the cut
PS. The Discussion Post at ONTD_discussion was a success, make sure you are there for next weeks!


Alex: “Wow! Your own wine! This looks fantastic! I can’t wait to BREAK THIS BOTTLE OVER JILL ZARIN’S HEAD!!!!”

Jill: “I don’t know why Alex doesn’t like me. All I can be is nice to her. I can’t help it. I’m a nice person. BUT IF THAT BITCH WEARS CREAM TO THE WEDDING THIS WEEKEND…”

“I’m not sad. My Spanks are just really hurting.”

“Al Sharpton over here has to really calm down.”

“Hullo. Tea is here.”

Cindy: “So should I be scared to be entering your ranks?”
Sonja: “Let me ask you this: do you have a taste for luxury? And does luxury have a taste for you?”
“I don’t know what that means.”
Ramona: “Do you feel renewed?”
“No. Not really.”
Sonja: “You’re a goner.”

“The power of Christ compels you… to VAJAZZLE!”

“Great to meet you. Looking forward to being your frenemy.”

“Must get drunk. Then… must… puke… on… Jill…”

Ramona: “I don’t like this. We’re making a mess. I don’t like this.”
Alex: “But it’s an artistic mess. Not an ugly mess… like JILL ZARIN.”

LuAnn: “How time flies. Would you believe it’s been a year since Bethenny called me a snake? Me! A snake!!! How nasty!“

Kelly: “This gallery is full of so many satchels of gold. I just want to call over Al Sharpton and tell him to zip it. ZIP IT.”
Cindy: “Wow, you really are as crazy as you seem on TV!”

“Is it so hard to find an assistant with good skin? Or maybe one who’s been renewed? I just don’t know anymore.”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been renewed. I cut my hair — some people say I look like Cameron Diaz now. Wouldn’t you say?”
“Uh, I don’t know.”
“You don’t know? Excuse me, you need to be prepared with an answer. You’re not interviewing for some old, failing company like Kodak, okay?”

“Would you look at this one? No tie in a restaurant? Well I certainly would not call that classy.”

“So……. who wants to talk about sex???”

Mario: “I love you.”
Ramona: “I love you too.”

“I’m exhausted. This is like the JILL ZARIN of mornings.”


“I have to get something off my chest. There’s this woman with this awful purple and yellow flower pattern dress on. I think it’s like a pansy dress? You know, like the flower. A pansy. Anyway, she just has the ugliest dress on, and– she’s behind me, isn’t she?”

“Ramona, I’m trying to explain quantum physics to you.”
“I- I just don’t care, Alex. I’m sorry, but I don’t care. I don’t care!”

“I can’t help but be nice, and that being said, those two bitches in their cream colored dresses should be run over by a train for what they wore to this wedding. Feh!”

“Jill, you said you didn’t know I was going to be at this wedding, but then you told Ramona a week ago that you knew.”

“Okay. So?”

“Well, which is it? Did you know or did you not know?”

“I thought I knew but maybe I didn’t.”

“I keep hearing different things.”

“What are we arguing about again?”

“I’m not sure.”

“So does this make you happy?”

“Jill, you are a mean girl, and while YOU are in high school, I AM IN A CREAM COLORED DRESS — UNAPOLOGETICALLY – AT A WEDDING!!!”

“What is wrong with you?”

“What is wrong with YOU?”

“Do you feel better now?”

“YOU are a THUG in a COCKtail dress!”

“So wrong that a thug can wear a cocktail dress?”

“There’s been enough drama, Jill!”

Ramona: “I can’t even follow this anymore. This argument is crazy. No. You know what it is? It’s déclassé. Sorry. That’s what it is. Déclassé.”

I am so happy that the premiere did not disappoint, this is going to be a good season! And WWHL was just as good, Jill and Ramona clearly are not fine with each other anymore, its going to be a good reunion!
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