Cher to Perform on US X FACTOR?

CHER Lloyd takes a break from the X Factor tour - as it emerged she is being lined up to sing on America's X Factor. It comes after hundreds of US fans told bosses watching her performances online had inspired them to audition. Producers now want Cher to sing tracks from her first album on the show - which could see her storm the Stateside charts.
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Tracks from Cher Lloyd's debut album have been described as "ingenious". Yes, she's still rapping - faster and more aggressively - and she's fed in a lot of urban influences: some tracks have a southern stride, some take cues from UK hip-hop - one even has a huge, squelchy dubstep bassline," the magazine reports.

"But it's all got kind of ingenious, princessy pop edge - think of soaring chorus, petulant spoken asides and single refrains that hark back to the rhythm and melodies of nursery rhymes."

Performing on the US X Factor could see her become Britain's biggest export since Leona Lewis. An insider told TV Biz: "The team are talking about bringing Cher into the show after hearing feedback from wannabes about her.

"Leona Lewis is the X Factor sweetheart in America but Cher is the flip side - talented but edgy. Everyone agrees she will show the US finalists and the American public that you don't just have to be bubblegum pop to be a success."
i always thought that Simon would have her perform on US x factor lol