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Distant Relatives Megapost

While Nas and Damian Marley were on their SECOND world tour in as many years, they dropped plenty of gems for people to check out last week. Hit the cut to see the premiere video of the Promise Land (and Patience), footage from their legendary live sold out Wembley Arena show in London with Erykah Badu,  interviews, after party sets with Raekwon from the  Wu, serving Burger and Shake spots in Manchester after a show, giving props to Lady Gaga.....and Nas reuniting with Mobb Deep on a new track after 10 years!


World Premiere: The Land of Promise

Bonus: The video for Patience finally got on Vevo

Nas, Damian Marley and Erykah Badu show @ Wembley Arena, Another FLAWLESS show in the LDN

The Independent's review of the gig:  5 Stars out of 5:  * * * * *

There's always been a natural synergy between hip-hop and reggae: the rebellious sentiment, the headstrong figureheads, all respectively communicating a struggle that seems to transcend their own tribes of followers and find its place on a bigger stage. So it wasn't a complete shock that when Nas and Damian Marley released their collaborative album, Distant Relatives, last year, it resonated with music lovers and critics alike – even though it unashamedly preached about social injustice, poverty and Africa. On stage, it's explosive.

They put on an effortlessly energetic and riotous display, which unfortunately for Erykah Badu, puts a shade on what was a creative and retrospective opening slot from the soulful stalwart. A genuine camaraderie is evident when the pair open with "As We Enter", respectfully sharing the stage as they exchange verses. When it's Nas's turn to shine – he does his own set of hits – Marley slips into the background, rooting for his "brother". There's a lot of back-patting, half-hugs and smiles.

When Marley takes centre stage he carries the air of a fiery evangelical, determined to inspire everyone to think about injustice that little bit more. "I want you to sing from your GUTS!" he commands, when he takes on his father's "War/No More Trouble" melody. Even when the show dips in places, there's other things going on that keep the show lively – like the two backing-vocalists-cum-Zumba-masters and the tireless flag waver, whose sole job is just that for the entire show.

"Africa Must Wake Up" is the pre-encore finale, and then there's a few more Nas songs before the pair wrap up with a tribute to Bob Marley, reminding this gleeful crowd of hip-hop, dancehall and reggae fans that his message for hope is still relevant, and further empowered by this very dynamic duo.


More Footage from the Show couresty of the link:
Badu: Love of My Life

Badu doing Solider: Her speech in the middle is some powerful shit

If I Ruled The World (Classic record is Classic)

Higher (Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuune)

Nah Mean, Nas Is Like, Represent, Hip Hop is Dead

Hate Me Now (Stadium Status)

Extra, Extra

Badu, Nas, Damian: Africa Must Wake Up

Nas hits up a Burger/Shake joint after the Manchester gig, serves customers "This is my Last Milkshake" (lol...ah yes I see what you did there)

When American rap star Nas got a case of the munchies after his Manchester Apollo gig, he headed to late-night milkshake bar Archies on Oxford Street.

But he surprised staff at the venue when he insisted on getting a slice of the action – by heading behind the bar to blend his own milkshakes for punters!

Fans couldn’t quite believe it as the international MC mixed it up milky style at the bar. Nas laughed: “That was my first day at work!.”

He posed for photos with delighted fans and shouted 'Can I take your order?'.

Archies’ owner Imran Rafiq couldn’t have been happier with his star guest, and is now to launch a strawberry and Crunchie milkshake in his honour called the ‘Naughty Nas Shake’. (Yeah I dont know about that name Imran lol)

Footage of the visit (How can you not love this guy lol)


DJ Semtex Interview at 1Xtra

Nas, Damian and DJ Green Lantern talk about the tour and their future albums: Click Here to Listen and Here

Nas: MTV Wrap Up Interview

"GaGa is one of my favourites. Her voice is incredible and she’s fearless and she’s ahead of the game"

Most of the interview is on the 2 links below, talks about the tour, Lost Tapes 2, pays tribute to the victims of the New Zealand and Japan quakes......... but I think the last parts were the funniest bit:

TWU: Cool. So it could work as inspiration both ways since you’re still working on your album. Have you got any ideas for features on the upcoming LP?
Nas: I’m thinking Mobb Deep, now that Prodigy is back home. You know, it’s like those are my guys from back then, way back, so I’m excited about the possibilities of doing some more work with them. Mobb Deep and Nas have always been the real s**t. Straight sewer s**t. I want that back, you know?
TWU: I’ve noticed you updating your Twitter a lot more now that you’re on tour, including a couple of weeks ago when you stated Lady GaGa’s new song as being the craziest track you’ve heard in a while. So are you feeling the GaGa in general or was it just that track in particular?
Nas: Yeah, GaGa is one of my favourites. Her voice is incredible and she’s fearless and she’s ahead of the game. She’s ahead of the entire game and I admire that. 
TWU: So we might see a Nas and GaGa collab in the near future?
Nas: (Silence)
TWU: Maybe? Possibly?
Nas: (Laughter)
TWU: Has this already happened, or something?
Nas: No, no, no…
TWU: Okay, so have you got any final sentiments for your fans here in the UK?
Nas: Look forward to me and Damian Marley putting on a great show for London town. Can’t wait for the UK, we can’t wait to get there, all over Europe in fact: Milan, Paris, Portugal, Amsterdam etc. We’re gonna smoke out, can’t wait!

Link 1
and 2

OLSO, NORWAY: Politickin with the gawd Shallah Raekwon. As part of the after party, Nas did his own show with Raekwon. 2 shows in one night? Get that paper gawd...



NAS and MOBB DEEP Reunites on Record for the first time in nearly a decade on Alchemist production!

For the legion of salivating Mobb Deep fans hungry for newness from the dynamic duo, the pair just dropped a new track featuring another Queensbridge legend earlier today.

The track “Dog S—t” features OB vet Nas and the menacing track from The Alchemist and Havoc sets the perfect backdrop for all three of the rappers to shine in their respective ways with the recently freed Prodigy opening the song and a rejuvenated Nas closing out the show.

The track is quite a departure from Prodigy and Mobb Deep’s first post-prison track “Love Ya’ll More” which served as a harmonious love letter to the supporters of the crew. The Mobb’s newest drop is a decidedly different, colder animal with the soulful feel of “Love Ya’ll More” being replaced with straight up New York grit and grime.


Damn, this that pure uncut grimey Queensbridge rap. Nas went in

I was at the Wembley show and it  was soooo dope. I didnt think they could top the Hammersmith gig last summer but they smashed it.  Last year's show was the gig of the year in London and this one was an early contender for this year (Black Star reuniting in May, Snoop in July and Odd Future in August better step up!)  The Mobb Deep track got that grimey sinister vibe from Alchemist and Nas went inGood to see my boy out there having fun around these parts.


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