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katie waissel doesn't get why you hate her

X Factor star Katie Waissel was a controversial contestant on the show and reportedly received death threats during her time on the programme.

Waissel said she wanted to know what people really thought of her so she could "protect" herself from it. She told the Daily Mirror: "I just couldn't understand why so many people seemed to hate me that much.

"I know you can't please everyone, but what went on, with proper hatred and death threats, that was weird. It was scary. But I just couldn't understand why. Usually to get that reaction someone needs to commit a really awful crime or say something totally outrageous. I still don't know what people thought I was like - clearly something not me to get that reaction! I just think, 'Wow, what the hell do you all think?'."

Looking back at one incident in London, the 24-year-old said: "Someone even threw a banana skin at me in Covent Garden one day.

"Why would you do that, to a total stranger? What if they'd decided to throw a rock and it had hit someone else instead of me? Oh my God, it's horrible."

"There was a message on some forum that said, 'I saw Katie Waissel today. Wish I'd smacked her around the face with an umbrella'. Really? Thanks. But what if this person had actually done that? Actually smacked me around the face?


everyone should buy katie's album!!! you can even buy it on the US itunes! it currently has 5 stars based on 6 ratings!!!
Tags: british celebrities, music / musician, x factor (uk / international)
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