Rihanna Strips Down for FHM Australia‎

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Rihanna is stripping down and sharing even more of herself, this time in the Australian version of FHM magazine.

Scantily clad in a dominatrix-esque outfit complete with black fishnet tights, the 23-year-old seductively poses on the cover of the men's magazine under the bold headline 'Better than Gaga, hotter than Perry ... Rihanna Crazy. Sexy. Cool.'

Inside, the Bajan beauty revealed that of her many tattoos the one that reads "Never a failure, always a lesson," means the most. The ink, which was inscribed across her collar bone, is written backwards so that she can read it in the mirror.

RiRi also described what it was like working on her debut film 'Battleship,' which is scheduled to hit theaters next summer. In the film, she plays a weapons officer by the name of Raikes. The 'Loud' creator explained how hard it was to train for the part with a not-so-nice drill sergeant.

"It was so scary. It was horrible. I just wanted to scream right back at him, but I couldn't,"
Rihanna admitted.

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even though the cover photo is recycled from gq's december issue