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David Kross - Interview and videos

The parrot Blu falls in love with a prickly female [Kross dubbed the title role in "Rio"]. Has something similar ever happened to you?
Not as extreme as in Blu's case, but I know this well, I tend to fall in love with my opposite as well.

And what is that exactly?
I'm anything but a show-off (laughs), even though actors are often thought of that way.

Do you like to conquer or do you prefer to let a girl do the conquering?
In order to get together, both have to conquer each other a bit.

May one ask if you are in a relationship right now?
I have a girlfriend as of recently. We're very happy together and everything's fine. But I don't want to say more about it.

In 2009 you took up studying acting in London, but you abandoned it again.
It was a great school, and if I was more interested in theatre, I surely could have learnt a lot there. But I just want to stay in films.

You've moved to Berlin by now...
Right, I've been living in Berlin-Mitte since December 2010, and at the moment I'm really enjoying arranging my flat. It's my first own flat, after all.

You've just filmed "War Horse" with Spielberg. Were you excited?
Of course, but Spielberg has the talent to take that pressure off you. He also praised me for "The Reader", which made me very happy.

So full focus on Hollywood?
It's important to me to do both international as well as German films in the future. But I don't dream of becoming a Hollywood star at all.

Where do you see yourself in, let's say, ten years?
Perhaps in a house in Zehlendorf (laughs).No, that's a joke. But I could imagine becoming a father at 28, and then it would of course be nicer if the kid could grow up in the coutryside. But I don't really know yet, of course.

For those who understand German, or just want to enjoy the pretty, here are a few videos.

Interviewed about his favourite films:

From the "Rio" press conference:

SOURCE 1 (translation by me)
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