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Sienna Miller's Shaggy Dog Story

Sienna Miller has reportedly abandoned the dogs ex-love Jude Law gave her as a present.

The actress allegedly gave the two pooches back to Jude - who she split from last month following a string of bust-ups and cheating allegations - because she's "too busy" to care for them.

The actor's nanny found Sienna with Porgy and Bess - who the pair once nicknamed their "babies" - on the doorstep of Jude's swanky London home.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "The nanny didn't know what to do when Sienna showed up saying she couldn't look after the dogs anymore.

"She had no choice but to take the poor pups in and they're now being looked after a Jude's place. Sienna's mum Jo is also away, so she had nobody to fall back on. Normally her friends are willing to dog-sit but clearly this time nobody was volunteering."

But pals claim Sienna may be using the mutts to get close to Jude again.

An insider claimed: "We think that she's trying it on to win him back - but it's not working.

"After all, Sienna didn't even get to see Jude when she showed up with the dogs."


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