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Donald Trump Makes Bill Cosby Crabby

Donald Trump's latest stop on his pretend presidential campaign that's solely designed to boost ratings for The Celebrity Apprentice was an interview with Meredith Vieira on this morning's Today show, where he discussed Barack Obama's birth certificate. He now has his own "investigators" in Hawaii digging around for it, and they "cannot believe what they're finding." That's hilarious. How is that not hilarious? Mitt Romney only wishes he'd thought of this first. 

But Vieira's next guest, Bill Cosby, wasn't seeing the funny in every little aspect of Donald Trump's pretend presidential candidacy to boost his television show's ratings. He said Trump's "full of it" — a radical position, apparently, judging by Vieira's stone cold silence. Trump, Cosby went on, should "shut up" about the presidential race if he's not going to commit to a run. You can catch this tense minute in the clip above.

Don't listen to the old man, Donald. Keep talking. Keep digging for that birth certificate. Never compromise.


Meredith looked like such an ass in this clip.  That's what synergy gets you. Team Cos.
Tags: comedy / comedian, politics
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