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 A major shocker on “American Idol” tonight (jennifer dgaf about this flop anymore)

Say goodbye to Pia Toscano.

The judges looked floored and said they were really angry. The audience (and this writer) gasped. Steven Tyler told America the “lack of passion was unforgivable.”

Casey Abrams, Stefano Lagone and Lauren Alaina were the first three to face the music, so to speak, and once Ryan Seacrest read the vote tally, Stefano was the first to take his too familiar seat in the bottom three. But the surprise of the night was hearing that Pia was to join him in bottom-three row, that is before she was voted off, which was the surprise of the season. She was called up with Paul McDonald and Scotty McCreery, both of whom were safe for another week. The final seat went to Jacob Lusk, called up for results with James Durbin and Haley Reinhart, who are staying.

Tonight was all about the results, but a bit about the music too. To kick things off the gang kept with the rock ‘n’ roll theme of the week by performing a Rock medley that included songs “I Love Rock and Roll” and “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Constantine Maroulis inspired unkind tweets within seconds of his return to the stage. The Idol finalist from season 4 sang “Unchained Melody,” which didn’t go over too well with Tweeps watching the show.

It was lesson night tonight between results. Russell Brand, whose movie the “Arthur” remake is out this Friday provided some humor by giving the contestants tips on performance. Gwen Stefani used her fashion magic to give the girls some pointers on clothing. She chose the outfits from last nights shows for the girls, by the looks of the piece the show aired.) TMZ gave some media training, which started with “don’t get arrested” and from there just got sort of mean. Haley – watch the smudged lipstick, Stefano – you’re boring, Scotty – you make dumb faces, and James – don’t get so excited. Harsh. And a shirtless (as usual) Iggy Pop performed “Real Wild Child.” It was tough to tell if they bleeped out sections of this song, or the cable was bumping in and out.

Were you surprised to see Pia land in the bottom three? 

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