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I AM SHAKIRA... But Not Really

Shakiro Steps into Shakira's Shoes --Give or Take a Size or Ten

Shakiro not only sounds like Shakira, he now looks like her too –give or take a size or ten.

Rodolfo Burgos, who rose to fame as one of Shakira’s best imitators on Megavisión television show, “Yo Soy,” unveiled his new blonde locks, silky smooth skin and new wardrobe on the show’s singing and imitating competition.

The transformation, sponsored by “Yo Soy” challenged Burgos to step into Shakira’s shoes.

To do so, he underwent intense dance and voice training and was also summoned for full body waxing, eye brow plucking and dying, even laser facial hair removing treatments all for the sake of resembling the hip trembling star. THE FUCK?

“I love women even more now!” Burgos told one of the judges of “Yo Soy” when speaking about his waxing ordeal.

Nonetheless, Burgos said the tugging and pulling at the waxing salon is all well worth it.

“I feel as though I received a prize… a lottery,” said Burgos emotionally. “It’s been wonderful, something nice that you feel inside. I’m experiencing things that I’ve never thought I would live for.”

He may move like Shakira and sing precisely like her, but Burgos says he doesn’t share her preference in men.

“When they would ask me if I was gay or straight I would just answer the question and say straight because that’s what I am,” Burgos reinforced.

this bitch is obsessed and it's scary as fuck. Shakira should get a restraining order
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