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Does your favorite baseball team have a reality show? Didn't think so

 Showtime offers glimpse of new show featuring World Series-winning Giants

Ever since word came out that the San Francisco Giants would have their own reality show, one burning question has been left unanswered: will it provide viewers footage of a gorgeous shirtless Andres Torres throwing cinder blocks in the air?

The answer to that question has finally been provided: Yes, yes it will.

Showtime has released a preview of its reality baseball show -- "The Franchise" -- starring our boys in black and orange, the World Series winning San Francisco Giants.

The preview shows some of the team’s most popular pitchers such as long-haired starter Tim Lincecum and bearded closer Brian Wilson, with affixed cameras to the mirrors in their cars. It shows a slimmed-down Pablo Sandoval showing off his new-found six-pack. It shows Bruce Bochy standing in a boat, reeling in what appears to be a shark.

What other gems await Giants faithful in the show’s special preview on April 13? Whatever they are, we can be sure that San Francisco will eat them up.

shaking and crying rn. haterz r bitter and most likely red sox fans. embarrassing tbh phillies fans can sux a diq too
Tags: reality show, sports / athletes - baseball, television - showtime
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