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Odd Future’s Manager, Christian Clancy, Speaks

Tyler the Creator and Odd Future have a massive industry buzz at the moment. What’s intriguing about it is how quickly this independent hip hop group seemed to go from almost underground obscurity to rippin’ sell out shows and gracing magazine covers.

Christian Clancy, now Odd Future’s manager, ran the marketing department at Interscope back in the day. Christian has been labeled as the scientific “man behind the curtain” responsible for building on the foundation this group established and putting it in overdrive. The first project he’d ever worked on, back at Interscope, was The Marshall Mathers LP. So he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Check out this video clip to get some info about his background and his connection with this fascinating indie hip hop group.


Not gonna lie, I'm semi surprised OFWGKTA is a white man, tbqh. LOVE that these guys are making it big, they're truly exciting to listen to / watch. Their live show is like nothing I've seen before.
Tags: music / musician (rap and hip-hop), ofwgkta / tyler the creator
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