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shirley goes into labour!

'Community' First Look: Ooh, child, Shirley goes into labor

Ooh, child is right. We already know NBC's "Community" is taking Shirley's pregnancy to its joyful or bitter (depending on who the father is) end. Shirley will be going into labor in the April 28 episode titled, "Applied Anthropology."

And Zap2it has the exclusive first look at Shirley (played by Yvette Nicole Brown) going into labor above.

That may be the last thing the crew needs that week as the school year winds down and their anthropology final looms. Shirley notices a slight pain, which quickly escalates into full-blown labor. Of course, the crew waste precious time arguing about how best to help and everyone is anxious to find out who the baby daddy is.

When we were on the "Community" set, we had a chance to grill Brown on her character's impending labor pains and what it was like to play preggers.

What can we expect for the big conclusion to Shirley's pregnancy?
We won't find out until she gives birth who the father is - either Chang (Ken Jeong) or Andre (Malcolm-Jamal Warner). I've already shot the birthing scene, so we've all had that experience. Malcolm will be around for a few episodes, because Andre is a reformed man now. He has decided that whether the baby is his or Chang's and while Shirley's pregnant that he's going to take part in all those milestones. Anything that involves the baby, [Chang and Andre] are both there.

We're actually a little surprised that the show has taken this storyline this far. Aren't you?
There was a debate about whether Shirley and Chang actually did it and who the father really is. And I didn't know that she was actually going to get pregnant. I don't think [the producers and writers] knew in the beginning she was going to get pregnant. I think they thought it was going to be like did she or didn't she and life was going to go on. So every step of the way, I've been like, 'What? What? What?' It has been an interesting year for me, a fun, interesting year.

What was it like to wear the pregnancy belly?
It was very interesting for me to put on a belly, because I've never been pregnant myself or played pregnant, though I've played a mom a few times. There's something about the belly that makes things very real. It was quite heavy. I had two different bellies - a six-month one and a nine-month one.

You're pretty rigged up with that belly. How's it work?

I've been blessed in the boobage area, so I've never had to wear a padded bra or anything in my life. So, I thought I could use my own boobs, but they said, 'No, even if you have large boobs, they end up smaller.' And sure enough, I put the belly on with my own boobs and it was like I was flat chested. So, they take a bra that's like two or three sizes bigger than you and they pad it, then they attach it to a perfectly shaped belly. So, it's like a full body suit that you put on. Some of them have snaps to attach them with, but they just made a really long tank top thing for me. So, I had to put that on every day under my clothes. It was an event. But, I hid a lot of things in it [laughs]. When we're shooting, I put my cell phone in there, yah know just popping stuff behind the belly.

With the belly on, did you start to feel the symptoms of pregnancy, strange cravings and all that?
Yeah. Well, I crave different food all the time anyway - pregnancy belly or not. But, I did start to walk pregnant, which somebody pointed out to me, the little waddle and supporting your back. It was heavy, not has heavy as a child, but it was heavy. So, I kind of waddled a bit and I do believe I started eating for two. When I put that belly on, for some reason I thought it was OK. When I put the belly on, no one can see my real belly. So, I'm going to go and let my real belly grow as well, so...[laughs] five pounds later is when that belly got me.

So, who do you think is Shirley's baby-daddy?


i can't wait!!!!!!
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