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Burn Notice star Gabrielle Anwar talks Glee, photoshop and female roles

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When the bosses at Plum Miami magazine were searching for a local celeb to feature in the premiere issue, naturally they turned to brunette beauty and mom of three, Gabrielle Anwar. The Burn Notice star and Palm Island resident talked to us about her life in Miami and how she spends her time when she’s not chasing bad guys and blowing up things onscreen.

What do you think of the magazine? Why does it fit Miami so well?

“The term ‘plum’ naturally conjures up ‘the good life,’ an expression sincerely lacking in our current economic context. To indulge in a glossy and glamorous bible of cultural Miami life is like ordering the soufflé before the entree.”

Are you good friends with Plum Miami magazine CEO Jerry Powers? How were you approached to be in the first issue?

“Jerry is a dear friend of my fella [Miami Beach restaurateur Shareef Malnik]. I was approached by Shareef, and I am excited to witness the Plum media explosion.”

What do you like most about Miami besides the beaches and weather?

“There is a certain youthfulness in the spirit of Miami. Not simply in its historical evolution into a budding cultural playground, but also in the personal journey one embarks upon here. Which is rather ironic when it has been thought of in the past as a retiree destination.”

In the mag you talk about how you met your sweetie. Can you share a little with us?

“We met in paradise. Need I say more?”

How long have you been playing the cello? Would you appear on “Glee” if Ryan Murphy asked?

“I am a student of the cello. Not at all ready to perform. Gleefully or otherwise.”

Your character kicks butt on “Burn Notice.” Do you think we need more roles depicting fearless females on screen?

“Thank you. And yes. The old thespian adage, ‘There are no good female roles,’ still holds true, I’m afraid. Sexism is without doubt the most overlooked inequity.”

So many people criticize mag covers and photo re-touchups. What are your thoughts on beauty?

“I would quite like to Photoshop myself in my three-dimensional world as well as that on the page! There is such an impossible standard to adhere to, in our high-definition, digital world, that even our reality shows are horrifyingly surreal. There is nothing more beautiful to me than a woman adhering to her authentic self. The soul grows more spectacular as the skin weathers. The latter cannot be relied upon to define oneself.”

Any other acting plans?

“Yes. I will act like a gun-toting, bikini-wearing, emotionally derailed arms dealer until the fall.”

What can we expect in the future from “Burn Notice”?

“I am yet to read anything from season 5. I am prepared to be bruised, beaten, blistered and burned until the box set for season 6 is packaged neatly on the cyber shelves.”


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