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ONTD oldest BF, Henry Rollins, announces some tour dates with Dinosaur JR. and a benefit show

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Surprising combo? By no means. Rollins has long been a Dinosaur Jr. fan. He’s had them on his IFC show, and they were labelmates in the ’80s, after all. (That is, Black Flag and Dinosaur Jr. both had records put out on SST, for better or for worse.) In his background-heavy write-up of J. Mascis’ new solo LP on the KCRW blog, Rollins states, “I have been a fan of Dinosaur Jr. and J since 1986 or so. I have seen the band and the man play as often as possible. Later this year, I will be going to a week’s worth of Dinosaur Jr. shows where the band will be playing their Bug album in its entirety. I can’t wait.” You won’t have to wait much longer, Hank, as the time is nigh. Five US dates have been announced for the month of June, on which the band will play Bug in its entirety, and Rollins will flex his IFC-show-host muscles in on-stage interviews.

In fact, these dates are a sort of SST alumni round robin when you factor in the bills split with Thurston Moore and then OFF! (featuring singer Keith Morris, Rollins’ predecessor in Black Flag). After the Rollins series, the band take it overseas for a heck of a line-up in London. Full Bug dates and support:

* June 21st – Northampton, MA – Calvin Theatre w/ Thurston Moore & Henry Rollins talking show
* June 22nd – Boston, MA – The Paradise w/ OFF! & Henry Rollins interviewing
* June 23rd – New York, NY – Terminal 5 w/ OFF!, Fucked Up & Henry Rollins interviewing
* June 24th – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory w/ OFF! & Henry Rollins interviewing
* June 25th – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club w/ OFF! & Henry Rollins interviewing
* July 1st – London, England – Alexandra Palace w/ the Flaming Lips & Deerhoof

Henry Rollins will be performing a talking show on June 21st at the Concert to Benefit Whole Children at the Calvin Theatre, in Northampton, MA.
Also performing at the benefit, Dinosaur Jr. will be playing their album ‘Bug’ in its entirety and Thurston Moore will also be performing.
Someone on the east coast go, I want to see. More I want to see the July 1st show, cause that would be amazing.
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