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fat? prepare to be reminded of your weight issues every weekday

Jillian Michaels wants a talk show

No one can accuse Jillian Michaels of being idle. "The Biggest Loser" personal trainer has big plans. She's leaving NBC's weight loss show this season, but it wasn't a decision she made impulsively.

"There comes a time where you want to get outside of that box," she adds. "You want to spread your wings and evolve and grow personally and professionally."

Professionally, she's breaking out of the fitness box and into the more general life improvement genre with her newest book, "Unlimited: How To Build An Exceptional Life," which embodies what she hopes people will take away from her time on "The Biggest Loser."

"I would just like people to recognize that if these contestants can change their lives," she tells us. "Anybody can change their lives and that's really what 'Unlimited' is all about. It's about giving people the tools and the skill-sets to transform any aspect of their lives they choose at any point in time they choose to."

And Michaels tells us she'd like her next career move to bring her closer to the audience. "Whatever form that takes," she explains. "A speaking tour, a daytime show. I'm open and I'm just inviting possibilities into my life right now."

She has mentioned doing a talk show before and there's probably no better time for the trainer to go after it (especially as Oprah Winfrey relinquishes her daytime crown this year). Plus, her new focus on general life improvement advice, as well as possible motherhood may just give her the crossover appeal viewers are looking for in daytime.

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