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YA Blog Gets Their Hands on "The Hunger Games" Script (Spoiler Alert: FAIL)

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What up, tributes! As we mentioned last week on Twitter, we were lucky enough to get our hands on the Hunger Games film script thanks to an anonymous benefactress. (P.S. We’ve always wanted an anonymous benefactress! YAY!) The reaction to this news was mixed, with some of y’all being all, “OMG TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME” and a few of you being like, “Don’t spoil it for us!” And then there were the threats, which totally worked (assuming their intended effect was to make us feel deliciously scandalous while sipping our martinis).

So, we decided to ignore our mother’s advice and try to make everyone happy. If you don’t want to ready any spoilers on the script, STOP READING YO. If you want to get a general sense of the script but still keep a few surprises for opening night, continue on! And if you think that us talking about the script is going to ruin the movie, now might be a good time to remember that IT’S BASED ON A BOOK. OH YEAH AND RUE DIES. SURPRISE!

Per usual, we’ve divided our highly scientific analysis into several categories.


Since gloves make my hands sweaty, let’s just take ‘em off right now and start with the category most important to HG swimfans. Because even though we recognize that the nature of film adaptation always requires change, that doesn’t mean people like us won’t LOSE OUR SHIZZ when our favorite moments in the book are altered/stolen from us and sold into sex slavery.

Overall, the script stays relatively true to the storyline, so you can breath a sigh of relief. We get to see the rooftop scene, the cave scene, and Rue’s death is pretty much straight out of the pages of the novel. Oh yeah and HAI BUTTERCUP! The Flickerman interviews in particular will definitely shine on screen, and the events in the arena are jam-packed with tension (more on that in the Badassery section).

HOWEVER, there are some alterations and, ahem, additions.


* There’s lots more Haymitch to love!
* During the games, the script nicely cuts back to audiences watching, which I think will add another deliciously painful layer of drama to the film.
* We get to see more behind the scenes of the games, including the super evil Seneca Crane.


* The bread scene? Yeah, they effed with it.
* The Mockinjay pin comes from… someone different.
* Gale’s role is waaaaay expanded in this movie.

I’ll let the other FYA ladies weigh in:

Meghan: If you’re gonna add something to the story, don’t make it lame.

Megan: Maybe Suzanne Collins will go all Tolkien on us and we’ll get appendices in her next edition (including Gale: The Lost Days or Gale’s Secret Journey).


Jenny: I can’t believe they messed with the bread scene. That’s some serious blasphemy.


Accuracy aside, the script seems to capture the right balance of exciting plot and character development. The dialogue seems close if not straight out of the book, so there’s no added hokeyness or bad jokes. I’m also relieved that the story hasn’t been Michael Bayifed, although…

Megan: Who wrote this script? I’m going to say it was a dude, because every so often we get a line like this: “They exit their chariots, disrobing like strippers backstage at a bad club.”

Megan: Yeah, and stuff like “calm as Tom Brady.” Who the hell is Tom Brady? I had to google him.

Fortunately, there won’t be a narrator reading those comments in the movie.


All you bloodthirsty tributes will be happy to know that none of the violence or brutality in the book was edited out of the script. I can’t WAIT to see Katniss give Buffy a run for her money as Most Badass Fictional Heroine, cos girl is FIERCE. Also, the script is obviously trying to help the filmmakers get their money’s worth out of the CGI muttations, and the build-up on those beasts is gonna be intensity in ten cities.

Meghan: As long as the effects are good and don’t cause me to snort my Effie out of my nose, it’ll be very badass. And pus-filled.


A lot of this obvs depends on Josh Hutcherson, and since I’ve already made it clear how I feel about THAT casting decision, let’s move on to the way Peeta comes across in the script. Basically, he’s written exactly as he is in the book, and I’m trying to find consolation in that so I can STOP CRYING.

Megan: Script-wise, yes. Peeta is at his most Peeta-ish. However, I CANNOT GUARANTEE IT WILL BE PROPERLY EXECUTED acting-wise. Siiigh.


This is a tough one. While I’m sure Gale fans will be excited to see more of him in the film*, I’m not sure they’ll be happy with the reason for his extended screen time.

*That is, if they happen to like this guy.

Ladies, what do you think?

Megan: Not sure. Gale hasn’t have a chance to bomb Prim yet. So maybe. Heh.

Jenny: Part of what I did like about Gale was that he not only took care of his own family the way Katniss did, but totally took care of hers while she was away. I won’t divulge any details, but let’s just say… I now have one less thing to like about Gale.

Thus ends our careful yet purposefully sorta vague analysis of the Hunger Games script. Let me conclude by saying that in spite of some disappointments, I still think we might enjoy this movie. Especially because, obvs, THERE WILL BE A DRINKING GAME.


How about "will Team Katniss be happy?" I hate Gale.
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