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Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive 2011: Katrina Bowden

 For the last month or so, we conducted our second annual Sexiest Woman Alive Madness tournament to allow America to choose its own honoree for Esquire's coveted title. Turns out your two-million votes made things almost as interesting as that other epic March competition. Except the finals on Esquire.com weren't nearly as ugly, and the underdog, we can now reveal, actually won.

Conveniently, for the last couple of months we've also been working with a notable (and anonymous) photographer on an expansion of his fantastic web site, MeInMyPlace.com — real women, in their real homes, in their real clothes, at their invitation. Only we've been asking a couple women you might know to invite him over, and he happened to be free this week.

So, as a trophy presentation of sorts, may we introduce to the world of men Katrina Bowden — damn fine 22-year-old actress (whom you probably recognize as Tina Fey's assistant on 30 Rock); near-perfect embodiment of the word Cinderella (who miraculously upset reigning champion Brooklyn Decker); heart of a champion. Herein, her first shining moments....
—The Editors

Came out of nowhere. I know that Esquire does their Sexiest Woman Alive every year, but I didn't know that there was this online bracket as well. I don't even know what Butler is.

Yes, I voted for myself.

I was up against Kim Kardashian. And then — let's put it this way: If you say my name and then say Megan Fox's name, most people know who she is but, well, a small percent will know who I am. I think a lot of the fans of 30 Rock kind of went crazy with it

Brooklyn? Hey girl, sorry. Maybe next year.

A sash and a pink bow and just walk around the 30 Rock set all day: I'm sure if I do that, everyone will just ignore it. They're all excited, but they all kind of view me as their younger sister.

I started modeling when I was about fourteen, so I would come in to the city for shoots after school like three times a week. I went to an all-girls school, in that environment where everyone's really catty and competitive. I didn't let any of that get to me.

Yes, we had to wear uniforms. No ties.

It was a release, acting — my favorite part of the week. I started doing more TV commercials and Law & Order, and I was on a soap opera for a while, and I just... I liked playing a part. I liked getting in front of a camera and doing things other than taking photos.

But I still love taking photos. I've always been kind of a ham for it.

I've never done more skimpy, racy photos — ever. Well, these aren't "racy," but they're not exactly full outfits either.

They shot the 30 Rock pilot without me. They had another girl. I had auditioned for it, but I had just turned sixteen. And now they were recasting and I was seventeen going on eighteen. They called me back in, the next day I read with Tina, and the next day I got it.

I found out I was playing Cerie on Friday, and started on Monday. I was so scared that I got kind of lost getting there. So I walk in the room late, out of breath, and everyone's just sitting down at the table staring at me. Then Tracy Morgan gets up and says, "Don't just stand there lookin' beautiful — sit down right next to me!"

I like to work out anyway, but I never know what they're going to put me in, so I always want to be prepared.

Yeah, she hardly wears anything. Just those denim skirts that are barely covering her. They're like napkins.

I do love bright colors — that's one thing I have in common with Cerie. But she dresses more how I dressed when I was in high school, when I wore really short Abercrombie and Fitch skirts and tank tops.

I also love French fries. I really do.

My plan for going through anything is to assume that it's not going to happen.

And if it does? A pleasant surprise.

Thank you. I cleaned.

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