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Blind Item Time

BlindGossip - Which A list action star had a chin implant when he was a  struggling nobody? At the time, he was married to a movie actress who is now on a TV series. He would cry on his wife’s shoulder that he would never be a leading man because of his weak jawline.
Most popular guess is too many to name.

CDAN – So, it appears there is big trouble on the homefront. Not surprising that a Hollywood couple would be breaking up, but they have tried really hard to make it seem like they are a loving couple. The wife, a B list actress who can be difficult and has graduated from television to movies but with not much success. The husband, a celebrity in his own right but gets way overshadowed by his more famous wife. She is not seeing anyone, but he is sleeping with a female singer. She has started smoking again too. Tsk tsk.
Most popular guess is Katherine Heigl.

BuzzFoto – Which A List Female Celebrity who makes the big bucks is known in the industry as being one of the smelliest actresses around? Apparently she has ‘gas’ that could clear a set faster than any director.
Most popular guess is Cameron Diaz.

NewYorkPost – Which singer’s team is desperately trying to cover up the fact that a recent nose job has totally altered the voice?
Most popular guess is Britney Spears.


ugh, computers with a virus suck. :(

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