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the disco infiltrator!

Fuel wants AMERICAN IDOL rocker Chris Daughtry!

American Idol Top 24 contestant Chris Daughtry sang the Fuel song "Hemmorhage" on American Idol this Wednesday and received the week's top honors according to the judges (video clip:

Well as it turns out, Fuel is looking for a new lead singer because last month their old lead singer Brett Scallions left the band. And as it turns out, Fuel was impressed by Chris so much that they could consider hiring him to replace their old lead singer. Huh.

Randy Jackson spills the beans here: Randy also let it slip that should Chris Daughtry get voted out, he already has an offer on the table from the band whose song he rocked out to Wednesday night. "I think he has a shot. Chris just got offered to be in the band Fuel, the lead singer is gone so they are trying to get it together."

And if you go to Fuel's official site ( they have an announcement that they are looking for a new lead singer. On Chris: "Yeah, Hemmorhage was sung by Chris Daughtry on American Idol. Sounded good!"

Also, the original version of "Hemmorhage" is currently #22 on iTunes. =)

I personally would throw things if Chris left American Idol because he's one of my favorites and I already lost Patrick in the first round. But this might be a great opportunity for him. Thing is that Chris is kind of Jesus-y and Fuel is kind of, well, not so much.

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