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'I'm starving myself... I know I'm not healthy': Nicola McLean admits she has an eating disorder

She's been looking worryingly thin in recent months after losing an incredible amount of weight following the birth of her second child last year.

After months of speculation, Nicola McLean has admitted that she is suffering from an eating disorder and sometimes goes for a whole day without food.

The glamour model, 29, relies on coffee and Diet Coke to get her through the day after losing six stone over the past year.

Gaunt: Nicola McLean's weight loss was clear to see in her face as she left a party in London on March 24

Super skinny: The WAG now weighs seven and a half stone (left) compared to her healthier weight in January 2009 (right)

In a candid interview with the new issue of OK! magazine, McLean admits that her eating pattern is worrying her husband, Walsall footballer Tom Williams, and her friends.

Her diet issues have been exacerbated by the stress brought on by her mother being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The former I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star told the magazine: 'I go for long periods without eating. But then I will eat, I'm not afraid of eating, but I don't eat normally.

'I don't make myself sick. I wouldn't eat every day. No way.'

Although she accepts that she has a problem and knows she is damaging her health, she has no plans to tackle the issue.

'It's just gone too far': McLean's drastic weight loss first became apparent in November last year

She said: 'I'm starving myself and that could be life-threatening. I know I'm not being healthy. My husband is supportive. He says I need to eat more.'

The 5ft 4in star now weighs seven and a half stone - a Body Mass Index of 18.0 - which means she just falls into the 'underweight' category.

McLean conceded that if it wasn't for her surgically-enhanced 32G breasts, she would have 'the figure of a 12-year-old boy'.

Bizarrely, she also posed topless in the accompanying photoshoot for the magazine.

She said she is too concerned with supporting her ailing mother and bringing up her sons Rocky, four, and Striker, one, to sort out her eating habits.

Changing shape: A heavily-pregnant McLean in January 2010 (left) and a healthy size 10 in December 2008 (right)

Although she is receiving advice from life coaches regarding panic attacks, she doesn't appear to be ready to tackle her diet.

She said: 'I'm not ready to conquer this yet. I have a strong mind and until I want to put on weight, I won't. And I don't.'

McLean weighed 8st 7lbs before she became pregnant with Striker in 2009 and put on a lot of weight while expecting him.

But since his birth in March last year, she admits she has become 'obsessed' with losing weight.

She said: 'I began losing the baby weight healthily, working out and eating well. But it's just gone too far now.'

McLean's friend Kerry Katona - who shares the same management company - is one of those concerned.

She writes in her OK! column: 'Nicola McLean is one of my closest friends, she's beautiful on the inside and out. I've said, "You're too thin, McLean, sort yourself out".

'We're all going on holiday together so I'm telling her: "You're not coming with me on a plane until you put at least 5lbs on." I worry about her, she has a lot going on at the moment.'

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