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Tori Spelling looks a little deflated as she attends celebrity party

After going under the knife a couple of times and spending thousands of dollars, Tori Spelling should have the best boobs in the world.

But clearly money cannot buy perfection, unfortunately not in the actress's case anyway, which was all too clear to see last night.

The reality TV star looked as though she could do with re-visiting her surgeon, as her breasts not only looked a little deflated but one of them had a strange dent at the top of it.

Dented: Tori Spelling displayed a deflated and strange-looking cleavage as she attended a celebrity event in New York last night

The former 90210 star was attending the Oxygen Network event at Gotham Hall in New York City.

The 37-year-old was accompanied by her husband, actor Dean McDermott, 44.

But her choice of outfit for the red carpet left a lot to be desired, especially as it did nothing for her wonky cleavage.

Good angle: Tori's cleavage didn't look so bad from the front as she posed with husband Dean McDermott

The blue satin halterneck was the wrong choice for her sunken chest, and she clearly hadn't bothered with a supportive bra to give it some lift.

Two years ago, when she admitted to going under the knife, she was snapped walking around Beverly Hills with a sunken chest, which could have been the result of a botched operation.

But it would appear that she made no attempt to correct the dent in her chest, maybe because she'd had enough operation by that point.

Collapsing: Tori first showed her sunken chest two years ago after admitting to going under the knife

When she came clean about having work done on her breasts, she said: '(I had) a boob job. There it is. I finally said it.

'I wanted to come clean that I had my boobs done in my 20s, because people falsely write that I've had all those things done.

'I've had the two procedures that probably every other woman in Hollywood has had done.' she said earlier this year,' The Sun quoted her as saying.

My face is like this:

jk, I'm not that mean. Don't understand why she didn't wear something more flattering though.

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