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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Smallville, Glee, Castle, Bones, How I Met Your Mother and More!

Question: As a longtime fan of Smallville, I’m dying to find out if Jor-El will turn up before the final curtain. Will Clark reconnect with his long-lost father? —Wade
I hear Terrence Stamp turned down an offer to appear in the flesh, but you’ll once again hear his voice in the penultimate episode when the Superman icon gives Lois the Best. Wedding. Present. Ever: Clark’s powers for a day.

Question: Any idea if Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy
will be worked into Bones? —Megan via Facebook
Producers are still deciding what impact, if any, Deschanel’s future baby bump will have on Brennan’s storyline. One thing’s for sure: Any possible plot tweaks wouldn’t play out on air until fall. The scripts for this season’s final episodes have already been written and they’re not changing.

Question: Anything about the upcoming season finale of Castle
? —Cheryl
It’s titled “Knockout,” and its author is Will Beall, the scribe behind this season’s powerful “Knockdown.” Fun fact: That’s not the only common thread linking the two episodes.

Question: Let’s have the scoop-a-loop on Rachel’s date for prom on Glee
. —Lulu
I think you mean dates.

Question: I like your
May Sweeps Scorecard concept. Very cool and worth bookmarking. Can you please indicate when you will start filling in the info? It’s the first time I’ve followed this. —Cath
In most cases, the slots will be filled in the morning after the episode airs. I reserve the right, however, to drop some not-to-subtle clues at anytime.

Question: So we know that the big Peter-Kalinda time bomb is going to go off sometime before the end of the season on The Good Wife
. But do you know in exactly which episode Alicia finds out? —Samantha
I do, but trust me — this is one twist best left unspoiled. All I’ll say is that exec producers Robert and Michelle King are evil geniuses.

Question: Is it true that Mamie Gummer is returning to The Good Wife
later this season? —Derek
It’s true. She’s back in this season’s penultimate episode when her legal eagle alter ego (that rhymes!) represents a woman who claims Ashley Madison Sarah Silverman caused her husband to commit adultery and die.

Question: Any Heroes
movie updates? Or has it all fallen by the wayside? —Kat
Fallen by the wayside implies that the Heroes movie was ever a real thing to begin with. It was a pipe dream that NBC’s old brass floated in the wake of the show’s cancellation — presumably to appease angry fans. Heroes is dead. Time to move on.

Question: Is the character at the center of your Six Feet Under blind item Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy
? You said it was worse than Derek, and, IMHO, that only leaves Meredith. —Marissa
Not only is it not Meredith, the show in question is not called Grey’s Anatomy.

Question: Any idea what’s gonna happen to Two and a Half Men
? Are they gonna make another season or not?  —Latifah
Mark my words: Men will be back this fall in some configuration. I’d bet my Smurf collection on it.

Question: Thanks for the First Look at Supernatural’
s Western-themed “Frontierland” episode. Anything you can share about the episode that precedes it on April 15? —Cristine
I’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at The CW’s new promo for the eppy, which envisions a world in which the Titanic never sank. As you can see, Fate steps in (literally and figuratively) to get the universe back on track — to disastrous results.

Question: Are the rumors true? Is How I Met Your Mother
‘s Jason Segel secretly working on a debut album that will include such classic hits as “Wonky Eye,” “Dracula’s Lament,” “Lady L.,” “Castle on a Cloud,” and “You Just Got Slapped”? —HC Wolf
As awesome as that would be, Segel told TVLine’s Megan Masters that there was “unfortunately no” truth to that particular rumor.

Question: There are conflicting reports out there about the length of Michael Trucco’s… role
on How I Met Your Mother. (See what I did there?!) Is it a one-episode thing or will he recur? —Holly
Yes, I see what you did there, and you should be ashamed of yourself. In the future, please refrain from inserting penis… jokes in AA. (See what I did there?!) Anywhoo, as TVLine previously reported, Trucco will guest star in the April 18 episode as Robin’s onetime crush and he may be back next season on a recurring basis. Much depends on whether his USA dramedy Fairly Legal gets picked up for a second season. “We absolutely want him [back],” maintains EP Carter Bays. “His character will be important to the story, so we’re definitely looking forward to having him back.” Cobie Smulders, meanwhile, reveals that Trucco’s comeback is foreshadowed at the end of his April 18 debut, which finds Robin and Trucco’s character reconnecting after an earlier flirtation. “Something happens and they don’t take things to the next step,” she explains. “But then Mister Future-Ted-Mosby gives a little teaser saying that that wasn’t the end of it. So we’ll see what happens in Season 7.”

Question: Do you know if we’ll get any good Owen/Michael scenes when Devon Sawa returns to Nikitia
on April 14? I heard a rumor that Michael’s jealousy would come out again. —ChicaNikki149 via Twitter
“Yes, in a big way,” responds EP Craig Silverstein. “[That] opens the episode and carries through the show. You will definitely get to see that jealousy.”

Question: I am in dire need of some Hawaii Five-0
scoop. Who is Jenna Kaye? Are we going to ever learn her backstory? How did she get her hands on McGarrett’s tape recorder? And how did Wo Fat know about the meeting at the noodle house? —Kristin
Okay, slow down there Mariah. Let’s take one question at a time. For starters, as co-executive producer Paul Zbyszewski points out, you already got pieces of Jenna’s backstory in the March 21 episode. “She’s a woman on a mission,” Zbyszewski says. “A CIA brianiac who discovered the very existence of Wo Fat from an analyst’s desk at Langley. Acting on what she believed was reliable intel, Kaye sent a CIA GRAB team after Wo Fat — a team that included her fiancé. Unfortunately, the team walked right into a trap and Kaye’s fiancé was killed. Needless to say, she’s looking for some payback and she’s hoping Steve McGarrett can help her get it.” As far as McGarrett’s tape recorder goes, “We always envisioned that Kaye recovered it from a CIA raid on one of Wo Fat’s safe houses,” he explains. “Then, after listening to the personal recordings of John McGarrett, she realized he was onto something. So Kaye came to Hawaii in the hopes that she’d find other evidence that might help her locate our legendary ‘big bad.’” Finally, how did Wo Fat know about the meeting at the noodle house? Responds Zbyszewski with a laugh: “He’s Wo Fat!”

Question: Photos have surfaced of Gossip Girl
‘s Blake Lively shooting scenes with Ethan Peck on location in Los Angeles. Any idea of the context? —Mattias
I have a crazy theory based on some intel I just acquired. According to a source, Peck — who starred in ABC Family’s short-lived 10 Things I Hate About You — plays a director’s assistant. My off-the-wall (and probably incorrect) guess? Serena gets cast in a movie and starts crushing on the AD. In related news, Peck is in talks to return next season for an arc.

Question: Is there any chance Meredith will be pregnant when this season of Grey’s Anatomy
ends? —Sami
I deal in facts. And here’s a fact about the finale that may or may not point to a baby for Der-Mer: The episode is titled “Unaccompanied Minor.”

Question: I’m loving the chemistry between Timothy Olyphant and Rebecca Creskoff on Justified
. Please tell me she’s sticking around? —Lisa
I wish I could but I can’t. Creskoff’s mining exec character Carol will make her final appearance in this week’s outstanding episode (Wednesday 10/9c). “That’s the last we see of her — primarily because she’s on Hung,” says exec producer Graham Yost, referencing Creskoff’s full-time gig on the HBO comedy. “We wanted her for four episodes, but HBO could only give her to us for three.” The in-demand actress also just wrapped up a recurring role on Parenthood as Amber’s Berkeley connection.

Question: Any news about Jennifer Morrison coming back to House
? —Tanya
It’s definitely not happening this season. “I have not been contacted by anyone over there,” Morrison tells TVLine. “I would do whatever they wanted me to do… Cameron is a fabulous character and it changed my life to play her… But it’s not in my control. People seem to think it is. I feel bad because fans really want answers and I don’t have them. I wish I did. My guess would be that I will probably never be on [House] again.” Morrison is hardly hurting for work these days. In addition to her recurring gig on How I Met Your Mother, she has a starring role in ABC’s fairytale-themed pilot Once Upon a Time. “Honestly, it’s not a sore subject for me,” she says of her House departure. “My life has gone on. I’m thrilled I was available to be [in HIMYM]. I’m thrilled I was available to do the new pilot. These are really exciting new things.”

Question: I’m really looking forward to
next week’s House. Anything else you can share about House and Thirteen’s little road trip? —Max
The episode opens with Dr. Crankydoodle awaiting Thirteen’s release from a New Jersey correctional facility. But that’s old news. Here’s some new news: The hour ends with her waiting for him when he gets out of jail. And whereas he greets her with a freshly made martini, she… is less fancy.


I love Jennifer, but she should NEVER go back to House for an episode or two if they ask her. Not with the way they treated her.

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