What on earth has Cam Gigandet gone and done?

The "Twilight" and "Burlesque" actor showed up to WonderCon to promote his new film "Priest" and show off a new 'do. A platinum blond 'do, that is.

"I went to sleep one night -- woke up -- Boom. Gone," he tells MTV of the new lack of pigment in his hair.

We had hopes that maybe it was for a role of some sort, but no such luck. Gigandet made this decision on his own accord.

"No, it was just for fun," he eventually admits. "I just needed something different."

So who was behind the 28-year-old's new look?

"My sister does hair and she's great at it, but this is the first time I've ever trusted her to do something," he says. We wouldn't be so trusting next time.