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Katy B 'won't diss ex-boyfriends like Adele'

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Katy B has revealed that she has no plans to write songs about her past relationships.

The 'Lights On' star admitted that there are songs about heartbreak on her debut album, titled On A Mission, but they are not as in depth about relationships as Adele's material is.

"There are love songs and a bit of heartache there but it's not like Adele's album," she told the Daily Star.

"She's more like: 'I've had three boyfriends and this is about the first one and this about the second one', but I couldn't do that. Obviously there are certain songs about certain people but the line is more blurred.

"It's more about the emotion or friends than just one person."

The London-based singer-songwriter explained that new single 'Broken Record' reveals her more sensitive writing, stating that it "leans more towards love".

She added: "It's about being in a relationship and being scared of losing someone."

Katy B recently told Digital Spy that Adele inspired her while they both attended the Brit School.

Katy B's debut album On A Mission is out now.

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