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Katie Holmes on Jimmy Kimmel Live - 04/04/2011

Jimmy talks to Katie about:

- how Tom Cruise is one of the nicest people that has ever been on the show
- family meetings
- how she deals with Tom's crazy stunts on set
- game nights and family competition
- Suri's upcoming fifth birthday
- her role as Jackie in The Kennedys miniseries (with a clip)
- and more!



She looks so gorgeous! I am so glad she grew her hair back out. She looks years younger than she did a few years ago, and she sounds so happy and fulfilled. I want them to have another baby. But I also want her to focus on getting the roles I know she is capable of. Yay Katie! ♥ Haters can proceed to the left tbh. I can't wait to see The Kennedys. She looks amazing as Jackie.
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