Sarah (star_cuddles) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Jesse James: The outlaw with no shame

Rather like his famous Wild West ancestor, the 2.0 version of Jesse James is cutting quite a swath through history, even if it's the pop culture kind. First he motored on to reality television in Monster Garage, all tatted out and brooding, with an aquarium full of sharks, a garage full of hot cars and motorcycles and a pack of pit bulls to guard it all.

Then he married a porn star. Then he married a movie star. Then he cheated on the movie star. Then he courted a tattoo star. Then he got engaged to the tattoo star. And now, he's telling all, about Sandra Bullock and Kat Von D and his kids and his Nazi memorabilia and all the other misunderstood factoids he'd like to straighten us out on.

And just to keep us interested, he's released the book cover of his upcoming autobiography, American Outlaw, which hits U.S. stores May 3.

And yes, that's his gun. You've been warned.
Tags: books / authors, jesse james, sandra bullock
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