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Bossip's "10 Unforgettable Gay Movie And TV Characters"

Wesley Snipes in “To Wong Fu” - It was totally unexpected to see the action movie star donning a dress and wig, cross-dressing and all that. He pulled it off, though, *2 snaps*

Will Smith in Six Degrees Of Separation - It was his first role and not exactly Hip-Hop. Who would have thought that Will would turn out to be the biggest star in all the land?

Omar from “The Wire” - Omar is the most bada$$ character in television history. Who cares if he’s gay? Insult him about it and it’s double barrel to the dome.

The Rock in “Be Cool” - The Rock?! He’s the toughest man in the world, but he rocked a fro and tight baby blue pants. While it might have served some fetish for you weirdos out there, it was kind of bizarre to see.

Terry Crews in “Friday After Next” - He came out of jail and wanted some booty. While he never outwardly said he was gay…he wanted some tail way too badly.

Sean Penn and James Franco in “Milk” - These guys got it on old-school style. Hollywood loved it, so they won a ton of Academy Awards. Now, Penn is chopping down Scarlett Johansson. That’s an interesting little threesome.

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in “Brokeback Mountain” - This flick was controversial and Jake and Heath did a great acting job. The movie became synonymous with being gay. But people shouldn’t ignore how good the actual movie is.

Michael Boatman in “Spin City” - He was one of the first openly gay Black sitcom characters in TV. He played the role perfectly…Wikipedia describes his character as “anal retentive” Hehe.

Angelina Jolie in “Gia” - We’re probably supposed to talk about the artistry here…but good gracious her love scenes were pretty hot. Oh yeah…she’s a good actor.

Pam Grier in “The L Word” - Foxy Brown was getting her old-woman lesbian swag on during this show. We tried squinting to pretend it was still 1972, but that didn’t work out for us.


Fave gay TV and movie characters ONTD?
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