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Interview with Warm Bodies author Isaac Marion

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Warm Bodies is a film with a lot of buzz: a Sundance Award winning director in Jonathan Levine who last handled coming of age drama The Wackness, and previously tackled horror with All The Boys Love Mandy Lane; a rather dashing Nicholas Hoult signed on to play the slightly decomposing and verbally challenged lead; and Teresa Palmer currently in talks to star as the girl who steals his decaying heart.

Details about the script have been thin on the ground but the fun loving début author was happy to share what he knows when we chatted with him about how the tricky concepts of his book would translate to screen. "I’ve had an amazing amount of input so far."

If you haven’t read Warm Bodies, there’s a bit of a misconception surrounding the plot of the movie, almost certainly due to the book not actually being published in the US until the 26th of April. Lucky UK readers have been able to get their teeth into it since last year, and perhaps the glowing recommendation on the front from Stephenie Meyer has added to the idea that this is some form of zombie rom-com, a second Shaun of the Dead, complete with glittering undead (zombie sex is far messier).

On Nicholas Hoult starring as zombie R: "He’s a bit younger than I thought they’d go for, but I guess R is described as anywhere between 19 and 30 in the book, so it works, and his baby face will probably let his sex appeal withstand zombification better than an older actor."

SOURCE <- Lots of stuff about how the film actually works, and how he got published by going DIY first. He was really lovely to talk to ^^;
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