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Chris Rock wants to see a Chris Brown/Rihanna duet on 'GMA'

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Chris Rock said today on 'Good Morning America' that while he doesn't advocate violence against women, he'd love to see a Chris Brown / Rihanna reunion duet on the show. On the show to promote 'The Motherf*cker With the Hat,' a new Broadway play in which he is starring, Rock joked that he was upset they gave him "the Chris Brown dressing room," and that it was freezing in there.

"Beat a window, not a woman. That's progress, dammit,"
Rock said of Brown. Then he suggested to 'GMA' host George Stephanopoulos that Brown and Rihanna, whom Brown physically assaulted in a high-profile incident, sing on the show sometime. "Let 'em sing 'It Hurts So Bad,'" he said. He also thought 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' might be appropriate.

Rock then looked into the camera and said, "You shouldn't hit women, just so we have my disclaimer when I get that crazy call that says I was advocating hitting women." Stephanopoulos suggested Rock could host that episode, and Rock said he would be glad to. Don't look for it on the 'GMA' schedule.

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