William Blair (williamblair) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
William Blair

NEW MUSIC: Alexandra Stan - "Mr Saxobeat" (Remix) ft Tino Cochino‎

Romanian pop star and Ultra Records artist Alexandra Stan is ready to take over the world (again) with a very cool remix of her extremely catchy worldwide hit dance song "Mr. Saxobeat". Tino Cochino drops his verse on the "Mr. Saxobeat" remix, with the sole intent of making the world dance.

Alexandra Stan feat Tino Cochino - Mr. Saxobeat (remix)

Alexandra is on a Canadian tour right now, Montreal is so lucky! But I feel quite bad for her because on her first trip to Canada, she immediately got very ill, had to be rushed to hospital by ambulance, and canceled her first Canadian show. Poor girl! :(

Tags: music / musician, music / musician (electronic), music / musician (pop), new music post
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