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Jermaine Jackson ordered to pay $80,000 in back child support, whines about it on Twitter

Jermaine Jackson has been ordered to pay his ex-wife Alejandra Jackson more than $80,000 in missed child support payments for their two children, Jaafar and Jermajesty Jackson.

But Michael Jackson’s 56-year-old brother claims he is too poor to pay up!

"I'm not rich like Michael was," he exclusively told outside the courtroom on Friday. "Justice is not justice. It is so unfair.”

Jermaine, who has appeared in reality shows including Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2007, claims part of the reason he hasn't been making payments is because he doesn't have the money.

He told “The $3,000 payment; they judged that off of one show I was on, Big Brother.”

Jermaine reportedly received several hundred thousand dollars for appearing on that show.

However, Jermaine doesn't believe he should have to make the payments, since his ex-wife has been living rent free at Katherine Jackson's house (where the bills are footed by Michael Jackson) in Encino, California, for years: "She has never once paid a bill."

"He's $100,000 back on child support and he says he doesn't have it," Alejandra exclusively told "I want him to do this right thing by his children."

Later, Jermaine took to Twitter, complaining to fans that "there's is a difference btwn providing reasonable child support (on top of rent/clothes/education) and being held to ransom..."

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(I guess this is why he's writing a book about MJ now, huh? Gotta get that cash~)
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